9th Dec 2005, 17:26

If your blower motor only works on the highest speed then the issue likely is the resistor module. The resistor module isn't used at lower speeds since it applies all the full voltage to the motor at the highest speed. It could also potentially be the fuse related to that circuit since the highest speed and lower speeds usually are fused separately.

12th Dec 2005, 14:10

I have a 1998 Intrigue and I noticed there is oil residue all over the engine. It is coating the entire top of the engine evenly. The engine was just recently steam cleaned and the oil residue reappeared. I have also noticed a strange smell in the car when I run the heater. Almost like burning exhaust, but I know it is not exhaust, maybe burning oil. Where should I start as far as common oil leaks on this car. I read something about a leaky gasket on the valve cover is common. Could it also be a bad oil cap on the valve cover. Could it be another fluid leaking. Maybe this Dex-cool doesn't smell like regular green anti-freeze when it leaks and leaves an oily residue on the engine. I have heard about a lot of problems with leaky anti-freeze on the 3.8 engine because of a faulty intake manifold gasket.

Thanks for any input.

23rd Dec 2005, 05:24

I have a 2002 GLS intrigue and it also does the flicking of the lights thing. Also sometimes the passenger rear window sometimes doesn't work then days later it will start to work again. Does anyone know if changing the alternator is the only way of fixing the flickering? I also heard its the grounding of the alternator the just needs to be cleaned off and that will fix it. Is that true and if so where is it located?

23rd Jan 2006, 01:29

That last comment was very useful. I have been looking for the cause of the popping for quite a while. Do they specify whether that noise is caused by a damaged coupler, or would it be normal?

10th Apr 2006, 21:14

I have a 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue and I do love it. It has problems, but overall it's been a very reliable car. I purchased it used 4 years ago with 20K miles on it, and now it has nearly 80K miles. There has always been the popping and faint knocking when the wheel is turned, but I read this is common- sounds like the coupler issue previously mentioned. I just replaced the wheel hubs hoping it would resolve the serious clunking that occurs every time I drive over my stone driveway, or hit any size bump with the passenger side when making a turn. Maybe it's the CV joints? Maybe it's the tie-rod ends? Maybe it's the rack&pinion?

Other than the knocking & clunking in the front end. The car is excellent. It doesn't use any oil at all. Regular maintenance does wonders! Never had a problem with the lights flickering, and everything is original from 8 years ago. BUT I have changed out the rotors 2 times in the front, and 1 time in the rear. The 1st time was because when I bought it they where junk and the dealer promised, but didn't. And when I argued they said I was SOL. That's the last time I go to that dealer. Dealers are swindles.

2nd Aug 2006, 19:33

I own a 2000 Olds Intrigue (love her) -- We've vacationed with it and it at about 160K already.

It does wonderfully on gas mileage, and it's body still is in great shape. HOWEVER:

*the blinkers go out often, especially after I have them on at a turn signal for a little while. Sometimes, they just won't work at all.

*The windshield wipers only work on the HIGHEST speed; which is embarrassing when it's drizzling and I am driving with my wipers going crazy.

*Whenever I hit the slightest bump the car jerks all over; I know the struts need to be replaced because I bounce for about an hour after bumps. Just waiting for money to do so.

Perhaps the jerking is caused by bad struts?

*There is a loud humming noise coming from the engine, and I noticed it gets worse when I turn the steering wheel to the right; it sounds like something is grinding.

*my oil keeps miraculously "disappearing" ; my engine is covered in oil, as is the underneath of my hood!

*popping noise when I start the engine, also loud high pitch squeel when I start the engine.

*lights flicker, especially during the winter.

Wow. that's a lot more stuff that I thought.


8th Aug 2006, 08:06

I own a 2000 Oldsmobile intrigue. I replaced the valve cover gaskets hoping that it would stop the oil from disappearing. So far it seems to be working. However I do have trouble starting it unless it has been sitting for a couple days in that case it starts right up. Any thoughts on that?

23rd Oct 2006, 09:46

I thought I loved my 2000 intrigue until I read most of these comments. I just had the thermostat replaced because the gauge was consistently at mid level or hot. Once it reach hot, I also had the knocking sound seemingly coming from what I thought may have been the engine. The thermostat comes in a 'housing unit', my mechanic had to order from Chicago. My mechanic said he had never seen one like that before. I'm praying the new thermostat will fix the knocking. It wasn't making much sense to my brother in law, who works on cars. I have no heat, or defroster and am in the process of budgeting out for a new blower. Winter is coming!! Now I'm nervous because I am a single mom on a limited budget and if anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

5th Nov 2006, 20:01

I recently purchased a used 98 Intrigue with 111,000 miles and have had major issues with it from the beginning. My biggest concern is a problem I believe to be the transmission. The problem only occurs when the engine is warmed up or after I've driven for a long distance. It jerks very hard into second gear and is bumpy shifting down. I've read a lot of forums on the Intrigue and think it could be the pressure control solenoid, but I'm not sure. I just noticed tonight my front passenger side blinker is not working. The smaller orange light within the headlight (sorry I'm not very mechanically savvy) is still working when the headlights are on though, it just doesn't blink. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a college student on an extremely tight budget!

29th Nov 2006, 19:55

I have a 2000 Intrigue with 80,000 miles, love the car and the power on the highway, etc. I have had a few things replaced - the hubs within days of warranty expiration, had the heater fan go as well - I replaced the blower motor resistor which is buried up under the dash on the passenger side front - but it fixed the problem for like $15 bucks. I had the starter problem where it would die at a red light or take a long time to turn over - I was fortunate enough to have the check engine light come on which led my mechanic to replace the crank shaft sensor for $100 plus labor and that did the trick.

I have the dimming lights and the alternator tested out fine the mechanic said, but replaced the battery since it was factory original and winter is coming, but the lights still dim... and I recently noticed it also dims the interior and dash lights as well as slows the blower motor for the heat if its running at the time.

PLEASE - any help with the dimming would be greatly appreciated. Has anybody figured out where the alternator ground is since cleaning that sounds like a FREE fix - which is my kind of fix!!