17th Jun 2008, 15:49

I take it from the reviews that the hard shifting is corrected by replacing the crankshaft solenoid/sensor? Is that right? If not, can someone tell me what does fix it? Thanks. I too have the Service Engine light on but it is intermittent. Sometimes it goes off and all is well for months at a time. Even the hard shifting only happens occasionally. Had the window prob. as well where passenger side would not go back up. Seems to be OK now though. Would like to get these things fixed, but it sounds to me like the repairs cost more than the car is worth!

10th Jul 2008, 14:14

I would like to know if there is a final solution to the problem of the crankshaft position sensor. I have a 99 Olds with the 3.5L and the sensor was replaced about a year ago. Now the same symptoms are showing up again. Also, the codes for my oxygen sensors (both) are showing that they're bad. Should I replace them also? Any advice will be appreciated.

4th Nov 2008, 19:50

This sensor thing seems to be quite prominent. Glad to hear though it is only a sensor. I will need it replaced as well, same symptoms being intermittent hard shifting. I will back up this car though as being extremely reliable. I have put little money into it at 90000. But I believe that regular maintenance is key.

3rd Jun 2009, 23:17

I have a 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue 3.5L engine with 74000 miles only. I replaced the CRK sensor at 59000 miles. The air conditioning started to fail 2 years ago. Warm air in driver side and cool air in passenger. Now no cool air at all. Also notice about 6 months ago, when engine warm up, parallel parking is near impossible, extreme difficult turning the steering wheel. It's OK steering when moving just a little.

20th Sep 2009, 12:39

I bought the Oldsmobile Intrigue new in 2001.

I had the rotors and brakes replaced around three times.

I needed a new motor at 40,000 miles.

Now I need a pressure control solenoid.

I am an old lady driver and I maintain the oil changes every 3000 miles. I love the style and comfort of the car, but at 50000 miles and a new engine, I wish I could afford a foreign car.

4th Aug 2010, 14:39

I bought my 2001 Intrigue brand new from the dealer.

The first thing I noticed was how, at night, the headlights would go dim and bright on their own. I was told by the dealer that it was normal. I had never seen that before, but anyways, before I got 50,000 miles on it the transmission went completely and had to have a whole new one put in. Luckily it was still under warranty and was replaced for free.

Then something expensive with the heater went and had to be replaced. Then the power windows quit working. All before 50,000 miles. Now at 80,000 miles my dash lights are on, indicating something is wrong with ABS and traction and the check vehicle light is on. I had it checked out, nothing wrong was found on diagnostics.

Then today I'm driving it and as I get near 60 MPH and it's shifting I hear and feel a clunk! Oh boy. I'm 55 years old and this was the first new car I ever bought in my life and I've have had nothing but problems. I take good care of it having all routine maintenance done on it, changing oil every 3,000 miles, tires, tuneups, etc.

Also, my blinkers work most of the time, but some days they don't feel like working. I had that checked and they couldn't find anything wrong.

I am not happy at all with my car. But it's paid for and I'll drive it until it dies. Hopefully it will make it to 100,000 miles but at the rate it's going, I don't know.

6th Nov 2010, 15:01

I have an 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue 3.5L engine V6, 158000 miles on it, it's all paid off now. But pretty good car (sometimes).

The problems are crank shift sensor went out, had to replace, front rotors had to be replaced, gears shift hard sometimes (but is a known problem with these cars) and that's it. Ohh, and air conditioner went out, but not gonna fix that until summer.

Hopefully nothing else happens to it, but good car except for some problems. Still running strong.

Ohh and another thing, this car is an oil eater!!

17th Dec 2010, 21:47

I have a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue 3.5. The car will start up and die. I don't think I have enough fuel pressure. What should I do?

18th Apr 2011, 14:40

I wanted to know how did you find out the ratio of your transmission? I know I need to replace mine soon and it asked about ratio, which I have no idea on how to find it. Thanks in advance!

1st Sep 2011, 12:50

Yes replace the O2 sensors, they will throw your idle off and lower your fuel efficiency.

22nd Sep 2011, 09:45

Usually when all of those lights come on, it's your wheel speed sensor. But the sensor doesn't come by itself. You have to buy the whole hub assembly.

18th Oct 2011, 18:51

I have an 01 Intrigue, bought it for 500$ with 150k miles, put in new bushings, sway bar links, and new tires.

The car had electrical issues on the driver's side door. The window was picky about working correctly - probably loose wires, cost nothing to fix.

Check engine, service engine, ABS and trac lights are all on in the car.

Replaced camshaft sensor, the odometer randomly won't work for a day??? Well now it needs a new crankshaft sensor - it has a hard start, this will fix this problem entirely.

I had a slight vibration and car wouldn't pick up speed for a few days; replaced the hydraulic motor mount - runs smooth now!

Overall the car has cost me about 1500$ total with 150k. I'll drive it until it dies, and won't complain. I need something cheap that runs good. This is doing that very well for me.

All cars are going to have issues... you can pay 500 to +25k, and you're still going to have issues with the car, it just doesn't matter.

28th Aug 2014, 16:32

I have a 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue GX that has 92+K miles on it, and at around 89K-91K, the car had a rough idle, took forever to start, and would stall. My car repair company replaced both of the cam sensors, the crankshaft sensor, the oil, and motor mounts - $980 after the 10% off coupon was used. My car runs smoothly, the A/C works, but has a glitch (goes out when it's too humid/hot outside), power steering is better than the 2000 Intrigue, which has no A/C, no radio, bad idle in every gear, has a clunking noise when turning right, and the power steering only works when accelerating. Also, the Anti-Lock, Trac Off, and Service Vehicle Soon lights turn on when I'm turning right and accelerating too hard (or a bad tire perhaps), but the issue goes away after restarting the car.

My cruise control quit working; I checked both the 2A fuse and 10A fuse (replaced the 10A fuse with the spare GM put in the fuse door); the 2A fuse might be going bad (radio still works).

Once in a while, my turn signals quit; but work with the Hazard Switch pressed in and out (bad fuse possibly).

Other than that, I love the car.