29th Oct 2004, 14:30

I bought a 2001 Intrigue when one year old with 16,000 miles. Since then I have put to date 11,000 miles on it. It needed to be towed last year due to a short, the brakes needed redone at a warranty job that cost me over $300. When in traction control mode, when the street is slightly icy, the brake pedal will pulsate and will go through intersections at low speed. Dealer said nothing wrong with the car. Warranty just ran out last week. Most current problem: The key would not turn in the ignition. Car had to be towed. Dealer replaced ignition lock at a cost of $ 251 to me.

A real piece of junk. I wonder what's going to go wrong next.

16th Aug 2008, 18:18

Update on my 2001 Intrigue. At 50K, needed an transmission overhaul, $1,700. The car won't start (no crank) every two weeks or so. Replaced neutral safety switch at $ 200. Still problem persists. Let car sit for a while, and it starts. Dealer looks at me like I'm crazy.

Turn signals quit once in a while, then work again. This car is a piece of junk. I've kept it only because I'm basically a cheapskate and know a new car will cost a bundle and probably cause me just as much grief taking it for warranty service. Plus, after over 40 years of driving American cars, I'll probably buy a foreign car. (Is that the right term now, Foreign?)

I just polished the car this week, and it still looks great. Looks are very deceiving.

29th Oct 2011, 16:42

More 2001 Intrigue problems. Both hubs replaced, exhaust resonator, and now problems with the power steering at 91K miles. The power steering started leaking fluid about a month ago. Refilled a number of times, today refilled and drove about five miles, when I lost steering altogether. Fluid all over the street as I got it home. The car is out of commission completely now. What a pile of junk. Still looks great, though.

24th Aug 2013, 00:31

I have owned my share of Oldsmobiles in my lifetime. A 70 and 75 442, a 1998 Intrigue and a 2001. The quality of the 442s was exceptional. The Intrigues looked great, rode great and spent a lot of time in the repair shop.

The recall for the engine fire hazard on my 1998 with the 3.8 liter came 3 years after I had the fire.

The 2001 has had the brakes and rotors replaced 3 times in the last 36,000 miles. Both power windows on driver's side quit working and the left front headlight shorted out and I had to replace the entire assembly. The anti-sway bar broke on both sides and the rear brake caliper locked up. Crankshaft position sensor was replaced, and now it stalls every few miles.