2nd Aug 2002, 07:08

He didn't drive one million km with ONE Oltcit. He had SEVEN of them, which means he drove about 145000 km with every car.

13th Nov 2002, 13:09

I'm still wondering why the person who doesn't like the "Oltcit" and who has only problems with It, did he keep the this car for 10 years?

Usually, when we have only problems, we try to change that car!

16th Nov 2002, 21:35

This is a response to the previous comment. I am the guy who wrote the original posting. That comment holds in USA or in Western Europe - there if you don't like a car you just buy another one. In Romania it doesn't work that way... I simply couldn't afford to buy another (better) car for 14 years so I kept it and repaired it countless times. Oltcit resale value is very low so forget about getting anything significant on it. I sold the car for about $40 in a couple of weeks ago. The car was not running and needed some carburetor work (again). I bought a brand new Hyundai Accent in march 2002 and already have some 30000 km on it. The car is perfect, I had absolutely no problem with it. By the same number of kms the Oltcit had already the engine changed once and the suspension changed twice. Maybe I was unlucky and I had a lemon, but for 15 years the Oltcit has been a horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE car. I was happier when I sold the Oltcit than when I bought the new Hyundai. Farewell my old Oltcit, you have taught me car mechanics better than any teacher would have ever dreamed... and rot in hell forever!

11th Dec 2002, 08:40

How can you afford to buy a brand new Hyundai when you couldn't afford to replace your Oltcit?

Surely if you hated it so much you would sell it and buy a used car - in Romania there are lots of cheap imported Western European cars for sale which are all of much higher quality than the Oltcit.

12th Dec 2002, 06:10

Oltcit is a very good car, the only problem is getting parts for it in Ukraine. My dad have got this car a year ago, he repaired it (he is a mechanical engineer) and now he is more than just satisfied with his little OLTCIT. Everybody in my family loves this fast, comfortable and nice car. It's a shame producing of OLTCIT was stopped. Even here in the UK people from the Citroen Car Club know about OLTCIT and they say it is a very good car. Of course, some people have problems with their OLTCIT, but who will dare to say that they wouldn't have problems with other cars (Ferrari, Honda, Rover, Ford, etc.) Nothing is perfect in this world. Just take care of your car, and it will serve you for a long time. That is the secret.

29th Jun 2004, 15:25

I had an Oltcit Club when I was 25. I sold it one year after purchase. In the meantime I had several unwanted stops because of raining (the insulation of the sparks is not too great, the flat, almost boxer engine gets easily water), I had to change the fuel pump, had to change the fuel hoses because of small parts coming of and caused fuel stop, many small plastic parts just broke down. Be aware! :)

16th Jul 2004, 08:39

I have Oltcit. I love my Oltcit and hate my woman. Oltcit is a very good car. I will make some pictures with it in about a week. I wish too meet more Oltcit Fans because my dream is to produce this car again. The car just worth the effort. So I MAKE THIS CHALLENGE for all OLTCIT fans! Contact me at cuculicim@yahoo.com.