Corsa C 3 door 1.7 DTi turbo diesel 16v

A great German super-mini

180 words, Turkey, 1 comment

Corsa Excellence 1.2

Generally good, but very disappointing gearbox

98 words, Greece, 1 comment

Corsa Comfort 1.4

Nice little car, I'd buy it again!

229 words, South Africa, 1 comment

Corsa Comfort 1.4

Good on Fuel consumption and no rattles like the previous model

68 words, South Africa

Corsa Choice 1.4 16v 90hp petrol

Quite decent actually

291 words, Greece, 10 comments

Corsa CDTi 1.7 turbo diesel

Fast, Fun, Cheap to Run

128 words, Belgium, 5 comments

Corsa 1.2 petrol

High performance economical car, but so terribly noisy inside the cabin

62 words, Belgium