1992 Opel Rekord GSI 3.8 from South Africa


Really great and fun to drive


Pick up on crank pulley packed up at 150000km.

Started jumping out of reverse and clutch went at 160000km. Could not find reverse idler from agents, thus not repaired, car is worth approx. R15000.00 and new clutch kit from agents cost over R7000.00. Had Clutch and pressure plate rebuilt, but now it shudders.

Very little rust under rear windscreen, had repaired in 2005.

Seats have worn badly, headrests started falling apart. Had all repaired as well.

Speedometer has never worked properly, first jumping up and down all the time, now the needle stops at 40km when not going and never goes higher than 110 km.

Air conditioning is really weak and the car never really cools down inside on a hot summer day.

General Comments:

This car goes extremely well. She does approx. 140 km/h at 2400 rpm. I tow a boat and sometimes a caravan and never have I driven a car with so much torque.

She is fun to drive and handles really well.

I think this car was only built with these specs in South Africa with a Holden 3.8L V6 from Australia and a Borg Warner T5 V8 Gearbox.

Spare parts are a problem because you only get them from the agents and most parts are no longer available. Second hand parts are also a problem because very few of these cars end up in scrap yards.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2006

30th Apr 2009, 07:02

I also have a GSi 92. On my car the crank pulley went and also the diff, but I sourced an LSD for cheap.

Just one correction, the engine is not from Australia, but rather a Buick LN3 engine. ;)

1984 Opel Rekord LS 2.0s gasoline from Lithuania


Great car for midlife people!


Water pump fails.

Problems with cooling system (main radiator often jams) due engine overheat.

Dashboard lights potentiometer works wonky due dashboard lights turns off itself.

The 1st gear joins hard.

There is one lever "ALL-IN-ONE" for turn signal, long headlights and wipers. It's useful for use, but problematic for serve. There is many cables near each other. Sparkling starts when at least one cable break off. This may be start of fire. (For me smoke appears few times).

Problems with fuel level indicator.

Rust level average.

2.0L/100hp engine is too weak for this car. Acceleration is poor, but top speed is good (I was reach 160kmph and driving was very good).

High fuel consumption in city.

* In highway 8 litres / 100 km.

* In city 13 litres / 100 km.

General Comments:

In general this is good car. Maintenance isn't very difficult. Even some major repairs could be produced at your own garage.

Spare prices is average and bellow average.

Driving and traveling very comfortable. Very good passive aeration. No fug without electric fan even at low car speed.

Spacious interior, comfortable seats, wide doors.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2005

30th Jun 2006, 07:50

Unfortunely you don't now this model very good. It is a very good and reliable car. It is very sensitive at the ignition timing (advance)

5th Jul 2006, 00:37

Maybe I had well worn car. I must to do simple repairs weekly, so in my opinion my Opel Record isn't very reliable car. Of course 22 years age isn't very short term for car.

1989 Opel Rekord GL 2.0i from South Africa


When I'm on my deathbed I'll get up, take it for a spin and go lie down for the last time


The head gasket went while my dad still had the car, roughly 120000k's ago. The mechanic where we had it fixed forgot to put oil and water in the car. After my dad drove home he topped up the oil, but didn't check the water. Only after a +/- 2000km trip a day or two afterwords did the engine go, but still drove home the rest of the way. The block was bored slightly and crank was cut.

Afterwords head gasket went two times. Gasket spacer was inserted last time and runs fine now.

Viscus fan broke. Runs with engine now.

General Comments:

Interior still looks very good. Just exterior has dents and rust spots that has not been looked at. I'm saving money to redo the entire body.

Extremely comfortable seats.

Excellent road holding considering 175/80/14 tires.

Even with heavy, solid body, still performs very well.

Gets a lot of respect for doing some awesome first-reverse-firsts.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2005

18th Aug 2009, 08:06

Do you still have this car? These things are great!