1993 Opel Rekord CD 3.8i V6 from Namibia


Powerful and fun to drive


There is another review on this site for the Rekord 3.8 GSI manual. I have to agree that the first things that went on this car was the pick up sensor behind the crankshaft pulley.

Shortly afterwards the crank pulley itself packed up at about 170 000km. Apparently this is the normal distance you travel before it packs up.

I have already replaced my tensioner pulley and a water pump at approx 180 000km.

The most expensive replace was the ECC which got wet during the raining reason in 2004. The water leaked through the bottom part of the windscreen ran down the wiring loom into the ECU. I had that leak sorted out before I replaced the ECU of course. Except for fuel and tyres that is all I have replaced on the car so far.

Part are generally very expensive and hard to find.

Many of the body parts have already been discontinued.

General Comments:

The torque this beast has is great. It was voted SA tow car of the year 1992 and I can agree.

The automatic version has an unbelievable acceleration too. Car test shows that it was faster to 100 than the manual version.

Being quite heavy it handles nicely on the road especially after I fitted 17" wheels on it.

Seats are still in good order.

Air con blower very weak as I never feel any cold air.

Very spacious inside.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2007

20th Mar 2009, 13:19

Why didn't Opel bring this engine to European models, all we had available here was a lumpy 2.5 litre six in line only doing 136 hp (injected!), or as a Senator model with 3.0 ltr fuel injection and 180 hp, heavy engine, bad gas economy and not much real power.. even at Holden they put a V8 in it..

I like the Holden for its V8, but the 380 GSI is the better looking one by far! Great car!

I'm the author of the 1986 Rekord 2.0s review and lately bought myself a 1985 Rekord 2.0 injection 110 hp (CIH, not OHC!) with an 3spd automatic - quite fast (does 180 km/h easy) but thirsty when driven fast.

I have a few more of these cars, so I'm planning on some reviews..

Good luck with your car, again it's great!

1968 Opel Rekord S-HL 1.9 from Denmark


Reliable and Charming


Changed the Carburettor to Double Weber 15 years ago.

Because of age and rust the front bridge / suspension etc. was replaced 20 years ago.

Rear arms and springs replaced 15 years ago.

Shock absorbers changed front and rear to Gabriel / Koni.

Brake-discs replaced 2 years ago, Rear drums replaced 15 years ago.

Lot of small stuff replaced/repaired - not necessarily cause they were broke - but because it was fun...

Once it locked the gearbox in 4th gear because of a missing lock-pin, but I drove it home anyway - through town, on country roads and freeway - no problems - cause it has torque down where it matters - in the bottom, repair took 10 minutes afterwards.

In 1988 smoke suddenly came from the dashboard while driving - all gauges went mad - pulled over for 2 minutes - started the car again - problem never came back?! (Bad earth?)

Once the distributor went hay-wire - repaired it the creative way - lost some HP - max Speed before 185 - now 160 Km/h.

General Comments:

Well, this car have belonged to my parents until 1988, I took over maintenance and repair that year, and have had a lot of fun with this car since then.

The Car is pretty roomy in the front and rear, its very reliable (Except for some age-related issues), It drives like a dream - its one of those cars where you just wanna keep on driving (Gliding).

It doesn't have a lot of horsepower, it doesn't have much comfort equipment, it doesn't have a lot of things, but its got soul - and it always gets you where you are going to - relaxed and smiling.

Dammit - have to say that this is one of the last Real Opel Cars - one of those models without crap.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2006