23rd Sep 2010, 08:00

I bought a 1993 3.8 CD 2 weeks ago. Currently it has 149800 km on the clock and car was not running, no spark.

Had it fixed for 60% of the cost of the car. There was a problem on the computer. And now that it is running, it has awesome power. A real beast!

I like the car. I had the '92 200I CLE in 1996, but sold the car after it gave electrical problems.

Peter (South Africa)

23rd Mar 2011, 13:31


I bought a Opel Rekord 380i CD V6 about a week ago and this car has awesome power. Picked up one problem over the long weekend (human rights day long weekend) when the main pulley broke, (the one on the block) and I am battling to find one. Would love to get the car fixed asap as I already miss driving it.

If anyone has or knows where I can find one asap, please let me know. I am in Cape Town.

Shamiel Samuels.

24th Feb 2012, 10:20

If you have one of these, you need this guy in Australia; Laurence Erwin at Speeds Holden. You will find him on the web, and his email is sales@speedspares.com.au. It's a Holden VN to him. Send a picture of the part if you can, they are not all the same, as I found out when I wanted a headlight lens.


18th Jan 2013, 23:49

Hi guys, maybe someone out there could help. We have a 1993 3.8iE automatic, and we are experiencing a 'surge/kicking in and out of drive' on the gearbox... as if it can't find the gear. This only happens from time to time. Another fault we having is that the engine light comes on on the dashboard. Again, this only happens from time to time. Auto electrician said it might be the 'knock sensor' on the engine... Could anybody help with some advice please?


Cape Town