Vectra GLX 1.6 16v


95 words, UK and Ireland

Vectra CD 1.8 petrol

Great fun, and you will not find better!

86 words, Palestinian territories

Vectra CD 1.6 16v

Beauty and the Beast

189 words, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Vectra 1.6 Ecotec (100 PS)

Some problems, but would buy it again

408 words, Germany

Vectra CD 2.5

A good car, but spoilt because of the spares situation in the UAE

310 words, United Arab Emirates, 2 comments

Vectra Caravan 1.6 16V

The Vectra is a very low quality car

208 words, Norway, 3 comments

Vectra CD 2.0L, 8 valves, petrol engine

A bargain

114 words, Egypt

Vectra 1.6

A disaster

26 words, UK and Ireland

Vectra CD 2.5 Liter V6

A cold blooded car which is afraid of the sun

362 words, Philippines, 23 comments