15th Jun 2006, 04:17

I think the first reviewer is factually correct, and it's a reasonable assessment of what might happen in an accident.

The Kancil is a small car and has no safety features, other than a seat belt. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume the chances of surviving a typical highway accident are lower than cars with safety features. Furthermore, I would expect the Kancil to rate at the bottom of any car safety survey.

It would be interesting to subject the Kancil to the EuroNCAP safety tests www.euroncap.com.

However, the Kancil represents the cheapest new car option here in Malaysia.

24th Dec 2008, 01:16

Yup I agree that Kancil is a dangerous. Although it's cheap but lacks safety equipment... how scary... I did see an accident last Sunday involving a Honda Civic and Perodua Kelisa, which is bigger than a Kancil. The Perodua Kelisa landed on the Honda Civic due to lost control... the driver died instantly... imagine if that car is a Kancil. The manufacturer should equip it with ABS and airbags, rather installing fancy accessories, which are useless.

17th May 2011, 14:44

Any car involved in an accident on our Malaysian roads will surely have fatalities. Just because it is a super safe car like the Volvo, does not mean that it is more safer than a Kancil. It is all in how bad the accidents are. If the sole purpose of wanting to evaluate a Kancil is just to assess how well it will do in an accident, then of course its rating would be low. With that in mind, I am sure the Kancil will do a whole lot more safer in context as opposed to riding a motorcycle, right? Please rate the Kancil properly and take in a whole myriad of other factors, like petrol efficiency, for instance. I am sure the Kancil will kick the asses of the Volvos, the Beamers, the Benzes and the Camrys. :-)

13th Mar 2012, 11:27

The Kancil only good for small roads and slow city driving. i.e. Penang island.

If at Kl, any accident will be very risky, since cars can travel rather fast there.