2003 Perodua Kembara EZ 1.3 from Malaysia


Poor after sales service


I noticed that the gear would not engage. In addition to that, there was hissing sound coming from the transmission when I tried to engage the gear. I then sent the car to the one of the outlet under Perodua. The color of the transmission oil had turned black. They flushed with 2 bottles of new transmission oil (red), then there was no hissing sound. The next day I sent the car to Perodua because I thought that they have the 'expertise' in terms of machinery and devices. Unfortunately, my car is still in Perodua because they could not detect the problem with the transmission. It's been a month since my car was sent to Perodua.

General Comments:

Perodua can only service cars eg. change the engine oil, filter and transmission oil. On the other hand, they actually don't have the real 'expert' as they claim who can really diagnose serious problem like mine. I have heard rumors, if one sends in the Perodua (if the problem is serious), it would take probably one month or more to get it fixed. Now it is not a rumor, since it happened to me. I would suggest that all of you out there, please do not buy a Kembara or Perodua cars.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2004

19th Feb 2005, 10:47

I heard some sound during normal driving at low speed. First I send to the dealer service center (not P2 Service center). After just a simple test drive, They said that it is a normal operation sound. I don't believe and ask my regular formen to check it for me. He help me to pin point the origin of the sound that is from the rear axle/differential. I went to P2 Service (not the dealer anymore) tell them where the sound came from. Well, they know the problem, but don't have the experience to confirm the problem. At least they call up their technical support center for help and don't simply push the problem away. I am at least satisfied with their effort.

2003 Perodua Kembara EZi 1.3 from Malaysia


A great car for the average practical family man


In the first week the carpet liner (plastic) began to shift out of place , but with re-adjustment, it was fine.

General Comments:

The Kembara I have is the flagship DVVT EZ model and it has been worth every cent. I really am comfortable in this vehicle. It is extremely nippy for Malaysian traffic and tricky parking spots. The best thing is how economical it is. The best feature is the car phone kit that is normally seen in high end luxury cars like Mercedes-Benz. It is a fantastic vehicle for in town cruising or long trips.

The differential lock helps me out at the construction site in case of any emergencies. My colleagues never stop praising me for waiting and buying the DVVT model. I think it really makes a difference. The older model was noisy and a gas guzzler for a 1.3L SUV. This model is more sporty, stylish, luxurious, quite and safe. The space is truly for five average adults. Reliability is my only concern with this SUV...

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Review Date: 4th June, 2004

23rd Feb 2005, 20:58

I have heard claims about the Kembara DVVT's fuel economy. I would appreciate if the author can roughly quote how many km/liter he/she gets from city driving and from distance compared with his/old Kembara.

Thank you.


2003 Perodua Kembara EX 1.3 petrol from Malaysia


The black hinge cover at the back door has some scratch protection plastic glued to it and cannot remove. Luckily they replace the whole cover for me, but the cover does not fit flat to the door.

Wiper fluid tank tube came of. Just plug it back and is working until now.

Gear box not smooth, especially engaging first gear and reverse gear.

The fuel consumption seams high to me (12 to 14 cent per kilometer). Maybe I did not drive any 4x4 before.

The door lock (the rod that you pull to unlock or press to lock) is very loose and causes a lot of rattling sound.

The back door is very heavy as compare to a very much bigger 4x4 vehicle.

The driver seat is loose and produces some knocking sound when sharp turning.

General Comments:

Luckily until now no engine problem.

If one want to experience 4x4 cars with low and limited budget, this is the one.

Good for some rough road driving.

Bought the EX model because the GX model accessories price seams unreasonable. Hand free kit that is limit to a brand and also selected model cost at RM270.

Expensive for the size of this car.

Wonder how we could know if the DVVT is not functioning?

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Review Date: 10th May, 2004