2003 Perodua Kembara EZ 1.3 DVVT from Malaysia


Much better than previous older models


Second day after delivery, power steering oil leaked. Seems the clamp on the hose/tube wasn't secured. Hydraulic oil all over the left inside engine compartment.

Steering was not aligned, turned out to be the wheels not aligned! The very first day!

Driver door a bit too rigid, need slightly more effort to close securely.

Wipers don't function automatically after turning on the window washers. Was told this is normal for Kembaras?? Manual indicates wipers SHOULD automatically activate.

General Comments:

I just got this car so obviously I am praying and hoping it will continue to run smoothly and comfortably as I have found it to thus far.

I have driven a friend's 2001 EZ and I wasn't impressed at all. Like the other reviewers here, I found the transmission to be very jerky!

But not so on this model, it's great, the transmission is smooth and problem free.

Pick-up is a bit slow though.

First day, I had the Overdrive system off and so the car functioned as a 3 speed auto. I drove at over 60 km/h for a total of 100 km. Thankfully I switched on OD as the car was really guzzling fuel as a result of it operating as a 3 speed auto. Now it is much better and averages about 1 liter for every to 9 km (approx.).

Am hoping fuel consumption becomes much more economical when the break-in period is over.

Went to the service center/dealer to fix above problems. Was told to drive to a tyre workshop for alignment. Threw a fuss since the car was supposed to be aligned before delivery to me. Managed to claim the cost. Didn't pay anything else.

Sales girl was helpful and friendly so that helped douse my frustration and intention to write in to complain!

So far, very happy with this car. COnstantly check its oil levels now, just a bit paranoid. Everything seems to be okay and it drives well on road. Quite comfortable too.

Roll-over might be a high risk though as the car is rather narrow and as I negotiated a corner at a fairly high speed, I almost could feel it "flying."

So be careful out there.

Air-cond works well, very cool (almost too cool) at night and quite cool on a hot day. Cools quite quickly too.

Sound system is average though, lack bass and treble.

Seating space is okay, since I only usually carry a maximum of three passengers, not a problem, plenty of room left. But I imagine 3 passengers in back will be quite cramped.

Looks great and sporty with the new headlights and bumper designs.

At just 300+ km driven so far, and based on my time with it thus far, I would buy another, yes! :) But quality control can be higher though.

No air bags.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 9th July, 2003

10th Mar 2004, 03:46

This review was written a year ago at 360kms, hardly a comprehensive test of the car.

I would be interested in reading a follow-up review after another years useage and 40,000 more kms.

21st Feb 2005, 06:27

I am currently in the process of looking for a reasonably priced SUV to buy. Kembara keeps popping up in my conversations with my colleagues. However, apart from the fact that it is value for money, has a good height clearance and additional fittings, the major problems seems to be high fuel consumption and not very reliable service centres. Any truth?