26th Sep 2005, 09:47

Response to 2 earlier comments on Kembara.

I have a Kembara 2001 EZ and presently have clocked in 110K KM.

Have driven it around the country and also extremely happy with its.

1) Height clearance -- gets one in and out of floods and puddles very effectively

2) road handling on wet roads -- feels very in control and that tires really grips the roads even when a heavy downpour is on

3) head lights -- have changed to white lights and angle of illumination is wide and sees clearly at night

4) on highways -- cruising is smooth, but could do with a little more sound proofing.

Overall the last 4 years have been quite a good experience considering the price one pays for the car...

No major complains except :

1) hi revving or jerky revving on city driving

2) hi consumption of fuel app 10KM per litre

3) suspected QC issue for wiring as I had to get rewiring done to eliminate a problem with engine halts due to low idling.

Till today, roof lights still lights up on going through bumps.

Word of advice..

1. do get tires balanced and aligned every 10K KM

2. get reliable mechanic who really are concerned with your kembara.. too many pay attention to higher priced cars or models and can be careless when it comes to maintenance of entry level cars like kembara.. mine did not change the transmission oil for 50K KM.. ended up replacing the gearbox..

3. give car regular polish.. the body deserves this care as it is manufactured very well.

However, these are my experiences, I really appreciate any other observations from long time or Kembara enthusiasts to be careful about or possibly enhance my Kembara experience.

7th Jun 2017, 13:41

My Kembara DVVT is 12 years old this year with 185,000 km mileage.

Fuel consumption from day one, more / less the same at 9 km/liter. Was told it's normal for a 4WD that's constantly on.

Parts changed (suspected premature): Timing chain, fuel hose to tank, and driveshaft. I'm saying premature as my older Proton and Honda vehicles are still fine and without these issues.

Problems encountered at the service center include unnecessary camber install which made it dangerous to drive and wore out the tires, traces of cigarette ash on the back seat, broken door visor, parts opened and not installed back properly, missing toolbag, missing car mat, and more.

On the bright side, Perodua's customer service are good and they do try to minimize the inconvenience after being informed.