2004 Perodua Kembara CT 1.3 from Malaysia


Perodua rulez! Proton where art thou 4X4st?


Steering wheel vibration above 100KM/HOUR (when brand new only - now o.k)

Outside odors comes in even when vent closed (when brand new only - now o.k)

Spare wheel outside at rear stolen at 10K KM. Need a thief proof lock for spare tires. Put in anti-thief nuts and bolts on all wheels!

Left signal bulb burnt at 20K KM (replaced)

Radio Dial loose at 30K KM.

General Comments:

Despite small mysterious glitches when first delivered to me, this is a really great small/mini 4X4 SUV.

My dealer threw in 2 pairs of macho matching aluminum rims, free all round police approved windows tint and a RM1K discount.

When they first delivered it the front was splattered with factory installed rust proofing, but the dealer took it in for detailing and polish F.O.C.

I love its quick response Toyota pedigree 1.3 DVVT engine and boy it just sticks to corners at high speed (you can hear the Sime tires squeal, but there is no danger of falling over).

Unlock the overdrive button when going downhill and you have engine braking or when you don't want to use auto on rough terrain.

Put it in neutral press the differential button and you're on totally 4X4.

Fuel consumption is about 400KM for a full tank of gas. Road tax is a dream at RM70 (due to recent 50% discounts by government).

It jumps out of traffic lights like a rabbit out of hell outrunning even some high end SUVs, but it doesn't have the staying power on the open road.

Perfect for short fishing excursions and city tight parking spots.

Perodua is always improving its models so mine does not have the air bags and ABS that the most recent CT Elegance models have now, but I put in my own CD changer and it's a steal.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2005

13th Jan 2006, 03:11

My Kembara EX is without DVVT can give up to 450km per full tank. That distant is about from KL to Alor Setar with a few stops along the PLUS highway plus the trip around Alor Setar to search for petrol stations! Great SUV!

9th May 2006, 19:19

I found that the manual Kembara has better mileage (yes, about 450km for full tank) than the automatic versionthe manual version has better pick-up response to the accelerator too. Anyway, due to its height and less broad wheel base, it is not wise to take cornering at high speed like a formula 1 racing car even though it sticks to the road! Overall it is a good car and it can bring you a few steps further where normal car cannot reach the off road.

2004 Perodua Kembara EZ 1.3 from Malaysia


Good, but service centre needs a lot of upgrading in terms of customer service


1. Hose to back wiper was loose and water leaked out.

2. Back seat was loose.

3. Horn was not working.

4. When car is heated up, there is a whistling sound from the bottom of car in tune with the air-cond. However, when the air-cond is shut off, the whistling sound disappears. Was told that it was normal with Kembara unless the wind-pipe is modified.

5. Air-cond intervals (magnetic clutch) is very loud for a new car.

General Comments:

Generally, the Kembara is nice to drive and has better pick-up compared to the previous Kembara model. But have a new car with a whistling sound when the air-cond is turned on is very irritating and frustrating. Sent the car to 3 Perodua service centre without any luck of repair. Was asked to see Denso at Glenmarie and also without any luck. Finally, when all else fails, I went to my own mechanic for a check and was advised that the wind-pipe is the cause of the whistling sound. He tighten the valve and improve the sound though it is still obvious. My mechanic advised not to alter anything until the warranty expires. Good car in general, but the small whistling sounds spoils the entire great feeling.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2004

14th Dec 2010, 06:40

Well it is true, but the worst part is the car lost balance when turning in corners. What a shock, as it is very very dangerous to drive such a car.