2004 Perodua Kembara GX 1.3 DVVT from Malaysia


Too expensive, better choices available in second hand department


Tires was on very low pressure when I first fot the car. At about 20Kpa. Increase to 36Kpa for better fuel efficiency. Did improve a bit.

Wiper fluid tank was leaking. This is a brand new car that cost a bundle???

Hands free kit that apparently I had no choice buy to buy was not working.

Wipers do not work automatically when washer fluid is pressed, but then again I don't have any wiper fluid. Poor QC.

Gear box not smooth, sometimes difficult to engage first gear.

High consumption for 1.3cc, I guess low for 4*4.

General Comments:

Well the car on appearance does look nice.

If you want something that goes fast wrong car to get. But you do get a nice view in a 4by4. Seat is not too comfortable, but I guess its OK if you are not too big. Leg room is not to good because of the drive shaft that protrudes into the cabin. Will hit 110kmh at 4000rpm. Car is still at 1200km. Might improve, but very unlikely. Recently calculated mileage at 560km for 50 litres of petrol. Massive jam conditions, so its OK. But tires were fully inflated above factory spec (28kpa) at 36kpa.

Fun to drive, cheerful looking car. Good turning cycle, easy to park. Acceleration is pretty good. Apart from size of cabin and seats, ambiance and comfort is good.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 1st April, 2004

9th Oct 2006, 00:44

Yes, It is definitely better in fuel consumption as compared to bigger 4WDs (Range Rover, Mitsubishi Storm, Isuze Trooper) and even bigger SUVs like Naza Ria. My manual Kembara can reach about 450-480km after full tank refill. Easily from KL to Kangar, Perlis. No problem. I am not so sure about the automatic version. I like this vehicle. Compact and yet enough space for everyone and some light luggage. Weekend trips anyone? No problem.