2005 Perodua Myvi 1.3EZ 1.3 petrol from Malaysia


Will be a good car without these problems


Engine mounting replaced at 40000km.

Brake rotors replaced at 22000km and 41000km because the discs is bend and uneven.

Replaced rear suspension assy at 18000km and 42000km as it caused uneven tyre wear due to alignment problems.

Replaced ECU at 35000km.

Now in the middle of claiming a new set of shock absorbers.

General Comments:

Generally I like the car as it is spacious. the things that I don't like is the problems listed. I wonder what am I going to do after the warranty expires as the problem is a reoccurring one. It is also difficult to make warranty claims and time consuming. I don't have that much problem with my previous car. the handling of this car is not as good as the kelisa and the steering response is sluggish. The body panel feels thinner compared to the kelisa.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2006

21st Nov 2006, 16:55

My daughter's MYVI was delivered with a clutch judder that could not be corrected by adjustments on the 1st and 2nd service. Then we discovered a leakage, where water drips in around the paddles. They said they have taken out the screen to remount it. Along the way they messed up the dash board and they have supposedly replaced it with a new one.

The clutch judder is being looked at. The clutch and pressure plate (housing, I was told are going to be changed.

They have also discovered a leak on one of the joints of the draft shaft, that is also to be changed. The problem is the ordering of the parts and the time it takes to get the jobs done. The Car has been there since 13 November, 2006.

It's 22 November 2006 now, with no firm commitment of delivery date.

That's not considering the number of times it has been sent in for correction.

Hope to get the car back soon, as it should have been in the first instance!

Hope you other MYVI guys have better luck.