2011 Perodua Myvi SE 1.5 DVVT from Malaysia


Good car, but bad quality


Steering alignment.

Body (paint) scratch.

General Comments:

Perodua should pay serious attention on the quality. It's quality that people demand, not quantity.

"Building car people first" not "Building car money first".

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2011

26th Oct 2011, 15:30

You have not had it long to say it is bad quality, and your review is not very thorough!

A paint scratch is not "bad quality", but accident damage, which would be righted by the dealer if it was there on purchase, along with any alignment issues.

Having the tracking done if you caused the issue (pothole, speed ramp etc) costs £20 and is a normal maintenance item on cars, unless it was set badly by the factory and not picked up on a PDI, in which case the dealer would just sort it free.

I am guessing you have a poor relationship with your local garage in Malaysia, as both these would have been sorted immediately by any UK Perodua dealer we have dealt with. We have had 15 Peroduas, three of them Myvis, and have been extremely pleased with the cars and the dealers.

Please update the post when you have more info.

I hope you overcome these two issues and start to enjoy the car.

27th Nov 2011, 20:57

I agreed with your answer regarding the scratches and alignment issues. I own a Perodua Alza, and I faced a few issues such as window wind noise, knocking sound at the steering when you pass by a hole or bump, and a broken Perodua back logo. I understand that all these are manufacturing defects, but the main issue is the poor customer service, which I had to wait for 6 months and 4 complaints lodged to get the window wind noise fixed. Hopefully the Perodua management will improve their customer service, or Proton will lead.

28th Nov 2011, 12:52

You would think that customer service would be at its best in the home country, as parts supply is easier and cheaper to get to the dealers than here in the UK!

UK back up is effective, even if some parts are slow to be delivered from the factory. In one instance, Perodua paid for the equivalent identical Daihatsu part to be fitted to our car.

I still wholeheartedly recommend the Myvi, even if we only get the original 2005 model and not the first or second update model here in the UK. Wish we could get the Alza!