4th Sep 2011, 16:10


Now at 24,000 miles and improving with age, like our previous Sirions and Myvis.

No faults, high 40s mpg, feels quicker and smoother than when new.

100% happy - apart from the newly opened local Perodua dealer disappearing without trace... Still, the dealer does not have to be that local when nothing breaks and it only needs a service every 10k miles.

4th Oct 2011, 15:53


Minor issue; the driver window was sticking to the seal, juddering and pulling the seal down when lowering, easy fix; quick squirt of furniture polish into the rubber runners solved it in 10 seconds.

One annoying thing on this particular car was that we did not request the key-in-ignition/door open alarm to be de-activated, and it is highly annoying. I wish I knew how to do it!

Otherwise superb, and as with the last ones, improving with age. The set of winter wheels and tyres will be put on soon, as these make it unstoppable in the cold weather.

Would buy another without question - but would sort the door alarm next time.

24th Oct 2011, 17:30

** Update, 26,000 miles **

Back onto the winter wheels/tyres again, the original factory fit tyres removed again, and still serviceable to refit next spring.

Extensive pre-winter health check: all going well, a few scratches and chips to body touched in, battery furred a little as service agent did not tighten the check holes enough, cleaned off and tightened, earth strap by battery green with corrosion, but working fine, engine bay filthy, but no leaks, underbody as new. Wax polished, glass Rain-Xed, locks PTFEd, fluids checked. Ready for rural ice battles and some 400 mile visiting treks..

The Myvi works very well over winter with a good heater/demister, winter tyres, rain repellant treatment to glass and the upgrade headlight bulbs - I would personally choose it over any 4x4 in any road condition up to 4" in snow (excepting ridiculously rutted or very steep roads) as it is light, grippy, controllable, and goes anywhere with excellent grip feedback.

No faults, 46mpg. Love it!

13th Nov 2011, 12:25

The UK never got the facelift Myvi, we are still getting the original model now in 2011, but I note with interest that this has been superceded by another update/facelift (Mark 3?) in the home market.

See http://www.perodua.com.my/ourcars/myvi/overview/intro

This loses some of the original's simple appeal and the great open centre console, but has some decent updates.

I wonder when/if the UK will get this model, or whether we will start to get the first facelift soon?!

Looking at the really obvious Yaris parts on it (e.g. door handles), I would say it will conflict more with UK Toyota models than the current UK model.

29th Dec 2011, 14:43

Serious kudos to you for keeping up the excellent commentary on your car. I have just ripped out the original stereo and replaced with aftermarket Sirion centre console fittings, and a Clarion double DIN head unit that finally has USB connectivity and a 3.5mm input.

Have also whacked on some alloys to improve traction and the look of the car. A couple of things I have noticed over time that are annoying are:

1. Handling on rough surfaces is very hit and miss, and I find the car pulls A LOT, which can be quite unnerving.

2. Road noise and more importantly wind noise really are atrocious. I keep checking to see if the window is open at the back as it's so noisy. Intend to buy some silicone rubber and try going around the seals, as I really am at my whits end.

3. Door trim is MASSIVE step up from the likes of the C1, but there's a lot of rattles and vibration when listening to bassy music. Squirting silicone rubber between the door and the trim appears to have cured this.

4. As you keep picking up on, the key beep is incredibly annoying, and the rear boot struts are also a pain; good work out for the arms though :)

Please keep up the excellent work on your blog; it really has been/is helpful.

31st Dec 2011, 11:29

Many thanks for the positive comment.

I guess you increased wheel size to improve traction - the 175s standards are skinny, but we found that changing brand from the originals (2007 Sime Astars, 2010 Goodyear Eagle) to premium brands did the trick for us - we also use winter tyres November-March, and these transform the grip on cold (not necessarily snowy) roads.

On bumpy roads, better damping could be installed, but for the use most Myvi drivers will give the car, it is more than adequate as long as the tyres are decent, pressures correct and tracking perfect. I have never had any issue with wandering or pull personally.

Road and wind noise is higher than more expensive cars, but can be improved by checking the alignment of the outer door strips, and if necessary, using a little silicon to seal any gaps. Check also all windows are reaching the top - the guides need furniture polish in occasionally to ensure this - plus make sure nothing is jammed in the top horizontal guide, which would stop the window shutting fully.

Change front wipers to flat blade aero type.

Fit heavy large rubber overmats - massive amount of sound deadening with this!

Check no damage to the huge mirrors and that they are flush with pivot - they cause the side wind noise.

Make sure all door catches aligned properly - an out of line door makes noise.

Check foam underbonnet strip is still there.

Door trim and dash rattles can be attended to with foam tape, sealant etc - we used blu-tack on the dash top speaker grilles.

Key alarm can be disconnected - Grovebury Cars in Milton Keynes did ours before delivery - or ask an auto electrician.

Boot struts - buy the Sirion ones, and get some shelf hooks and lift strings while you are there!

Sirion stereo a great idea - our 08 Sirion had the aux input. Personally, I would have kept the dash original and fitted a Parrot Handsfree with iPod interface/aux input.

Our still runs very well, and we are delighted with it.

Cheers all.

31st Dec 2011, 20:16

The new Myvi in Malaysia comes with both 1.3l and 1.5l engines. With a stylish dashboard and instruments. Check out these videos



21st Jan 2014, 17:29

Update: this Myvi is still run and enjoyed by our family, and it's now at 52400 miles at 3.5 years old.

Has had regular servicing and the front drop links replaced, but still has a noisy rattle from the front end over rough surfaces - steering rack?

Last service @ 50k required clutch cable adjustment and brake fluid replacement, which made the sloppy brakes perfect again.

Boot struts lazy and don't lift the lid without assistance, but do keep it up once fully opened.

Driver's door had a loose window mechanism and rattles, removed door card and slid runner back in place and tightened fittings, all OK now - put this down to my Dad adjusting the window level every 15 seconds on every journey, plus the dreadful rough and potholed roads it gets used on.

Door locks still have a mind of their own, locking the car at random times.

Some body damage to bumper and rear arch. Rear shelf fitting broken.

Otherwise running 100% after service with the engine almost silent. The struts are not an issue and the locks only play up once in a while; otherwise faultless.

Has been cheap to own, easy to live with and enjoyable to date, with fuel economy around mid-40s MPG.