11th May 2010, 13:47


The repair centre took 5 weeks to repair the Myvi, but we are all overjoyed to have it back. The Wagon-R was written off, but the Myvi had a bonnet, bumper, lower grill and paint and was back in action - no deeper damage.

Parents had two courtesy cars; a 2009 Matiz 1.0SE+, then a 2009 Kia Rio 1.4 1 which were two competing price cars to compare it against, and the Myvi is our favourite by a long way. The Matiz was just poor throughout and far too small and very dated to be in contention, although it is more expensive than a Myvi. The (latest Cee'd style) Rio was a thoroughly nice car, but was the bog base model, and it is hard to believe a new car in 2010 could be supplied without any electrics - no central locking, no electric windows, no electric mirrors, no air-con - nothing. It is a slightly bigger car, has a great warranty and some extra kit like Isofix, gearchange indicator light etc, but is more expensive than the Myvi and much thirstier even though it is more planted on the road.

At £5999 the Myvi has all of the electric kit, including air-con and drives well with the modern Toyota VVTi/DVVT engine. To spec a Rio up to the same level would take it to £8700 (best deal) which is justified, but a different sector.

Current notes on Myvi at 906 miles;

All still very stiff - not run-in; thrash due soon

Brakes poor - not bedded in; thrash due soon

Hatchback struts not lifting 100%, have lubed hinges; better

Door stays stiff, have lubed; improving

OS wiper blade not clearing screen well; will degrease

Our 2007 Myvi had the exact same issues, all now sorted and it drives perfectly; just have to do some more miles in this one...

8th Jun 2010, 15:13

Adding parcel shelf strings modification for the Myvi; easy to do and cheap enough, and makes it much easier to live with.


Hanger, parcel tray; Daihatsu Sirion 2005- Daihatsu part number 64381-B1010 £3.07+vat, each, two of. These are just simple clips that slid over the hatchback glass surround in a clearly marked indent.

Shelf cord; either the Daihatsu Sirion 2005- item which are £4.80 each or just buy a metre of "2mm black woven polypropylene cord" off ebay, cut to length and knot the ends.


1/ Remove shelf and turn upside down, drill a 4mm hole each side and smooth around the holes with a file to prevent snagging.

2/ With a pair of blunt old pliers wrapped in tape, gently bend the black hook end of the hanger so it "closes" slightly. This is so the cord only releases after a little pressure and does not fall off.

3/ Slide the two clips onto the hatchback lid.

4/ Knot the cord in a loop and hook over the hangers.

5/ Thread the cord through the shelf, raise the shelf and mark off the cord so it can be tied off.

6/ Unhook the cord, tie off the cord where marked, re-hook.


The cord should run freely through the drill hole on closing the boot, so the cord knot drops into the boot as the lid is lowered, and does not twist and trap in the boot rubber.

Total cost less than £10, 30 minute job, easy enough and makes the boot much easier to access.

11th Jun 2010, 12:18

Radio reception is not 100%, had noted stubby rubber aerial.

Have just fitted longer "spiral mast" Vauxhall Astra aerial; £3.75 plus postage from Vauxparts on ebay, now can get more stations.

Simply unscrew old one, screw in new one-thread is the same.

Will comment on how much difference it makes soon.

24th Oct 2010, 15:13

Update at 8700 miles.

Checked the air filter and found it was put in upside down by the factory; advised to leave as is by dealer until service at 10,000.

Remote locking very slow to react to pressing the button, and this car has the exact same issue with the door switches as our 2007 one did; they fail due to the rubbers being too stiff for UK cold climate and the interior light does not operate, so the locking system does not realise the door has been opened and simply re-locks the car again after 30 seconds.

10,000 mile service will be soon; prices varied wildly across Perodua dealers on enquiry; from £110 inc VAT to £168 + VAT, but still cheap enough. Will get remote locking and door switches done then under warranty.

Otherwise OK, 45-50mpg, nice to own.

27th Nov 2010, 09:46

First 10,000 mile service carried out by the new agent in Kidderminster, all very efficient and only £110 including vat.

On top of the service, they cleaned the car for free and also sorted the warbling horn with water dispersant.

Nice place, cheap price, ready on time, books neatly stamped, car feels as new again. Ace. £110 is cheap.

New Hankook Icebear W440 winter tyres running in well, and very glad we bothered with the extra set of winter tyres with the current conditions. Even without any snow, they are noticeably grippier in the cold, and make the braking razor sharp.

Myvi going very well, now quicker and better mpg than when new, no faults apart from fairly slow boot struts, and having to slip the rubber shroud off the OSF door light switch to keep it working.

The car is currently on a trek to Cornwall, then Dartmoor, before going up to Yorkshire, and is commendable for its refined and comfortable long distance cruising.

30th Nov 2010, 20:38

You should check out the Myvi special edition with orange or white pearl colour.. Very nice. It's got leather seats and USB as well, but it's overpriced in Malaysia :(

Syed from Malaysia.

2nd Dec 2010, 04:06

Looks nice! We wish they would bring the Alza to the UK, though; we have two children, and it looks great..

7th Dec 2010, 19:08

I guess so... the Alza is such a cute MPV.. although I'm not a fan of Perodua, but in terms of fuel consumption, they become the winner, especially the Viva..

14th Feb 2011, 05:06

I was looking at a Myvi Sport the other day. Very nice looking car, just wish the (cool looking) built in stereo had USB/Bluetooth. Come on Proton UK, it's the 21st Century!

30th Apr 2011, 07:47

Update: now at 18,000 miles with no faults, high 40s mpg, running like a Swiss watch.

Prices now gone up slightly to £6499 at the Lincoln main dealer, but would still buy another without hesitation.

19th Jul 2011, 13:44

Now at 22,000 miles, serviced at 20,000 for £145 including brakes - they are much better now, the handbrake works on one click, and there is less pedal travel.

Hatchback struts are slow, but otherwise the car is perfect and averaging high 40s mpg.

Had 3 large adults, 2 children in seats, and a pushchair travel system in it today; all went in fine.

Not had the annoying key in alarm disconnected on this one - wish we had, as it is annoying when you open the door while sitting in with the key in. Not much else to fault though, and still nothing touches it at the price/running cost/depreciation over three years - plus it is a nice car to use daily.

If there were more UK dealers and more knowledge of the car, more would sell - getting a re-packaged Toyota Passo from a UK dealer at £6k ish is hard to beat.