1999 Perodua Nippa EX 847cc from UK and Ireland


White goods of the automotive industry


Well, the only thing to go wrong at the moment is the radiator. It leaks from one of the cores when it gets hot. The car itself has never overheated mind, just keep topping it up!

Vinyl seats a little worn on the bolsters.

Aftermarket stereo sounds awful, and one speaker is not working.

Rear windows squeaking when opened.

General Comments:

If the sun is shining and it's lovely and dry, this car is amazing! Great handling, great fun, wind the windows down and feel like you're in the past!

However, it's a different story if it rains! Brakes are a bit snatchy, which makes you skid. Due to the rubbish tyres on the car, the body roll is excessive and the handling is a bit interesting!

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2012

27th May 2014, 11:18

I find it amusing that the first review of the car I just bought was from someone whose previous car was a Saab. My 9-5 died, and I bought this as a stop gap as it was a week before payday, and now I think I will keep it. £300 well spent.

Not the spec'd interior I have become accustomed to, but the driving is more involved, albeit slower and cheaper. 60 is the new 100!

Reminiscent of my first car; a Mini-Metro. I will keep this happily until I can find what I truly want at a good price, and I may keep it even then as a handy second car.

Very cool.

28th May 2014, 15:21

Super little cars, called Kancil (little deer) in their homeland.

Check the oil breather pipes are clear, and don't crash it as you will be the airbag.

We loved ours, the Kelisas that followed, and the Myvis after that - but the little Nippa was a sweet little thing.


1999 Perodua Nippa GX 847cc from UK and Ireland


Great value cheap car


Only had car for 2 weeks, but thought I'd get the ball rolling and update as I have the car and what develops. So far:

Gunky engine.

Clutch pedal judder (cable).

Various rattles.

General Comments:

It's a cheap version of the Daihatsu Cuore, but has the same engine.

Handles well, body leans quite a bit though, just go with it and it's fine.

Interior feels cramped in the front, although like the layout of the dash, simple and has a nice flat area on the top.

Mine has sun roof and electric windows, which is a little overkill for a car that is so basic, would rather it didn't have those things, because it's just more to go wrong.

Car needs a good service, and oil catch tanks installed to get the car breathing cleanly again. I'll update it as I go.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2010

8th Mar 2010, 10:07

Update: 49,500k on clock.

Since my original posting about the car, turns out that buying a car with low miles isn't always a great thing - the engine was really 'gunked' up. The Daihatsu engines seem to suffer quite badly with breathing issues.

Lots of oil in the air filter... so the breather pipe which enters the air filter is now pointing at the floor behind the engine, this will allow it to breathe and not chuck oil into the filter.

The small crank case breather on top of the rocker was blocked, no air coming from it at all - guess this means things will pressurise somewhat, not good... so rocker off, and there was tons of rubbish in there, so after a good clean, and I drilled some more holes in the breather channel in the rocker cover, things are breathing as they should. Car feels faster and revs freer now.

There's lots of rattles and noises still, suspension hard but a bit leany. Steering has a slight clunk on it and exhaust has a rattle. however, it starts first time every time and once warmed up drives just like it should do...

Think golden rule here is any car bought with low miles needs to have been serviced nice and regular otherwise, you could be facing more problems than a car with triple the miles on the clock!!



24th Mar 2010, 04:46

Update: 51k on clock.

I have traded in this vehicle - it's good because it's cheap, but it's just a little bit too basic for my liking... I haven't got hours upon hours each weekend to spend fixing rattles, and then the ED-20 engine isn't the greatest because of the breathing issues - all three cars I've owned with this engine had the same issue... can be sorted, but it's just extra hassle...

RIP yellow Nippa, traded in... not scrapped!!!

I now have a Kelisa!!! Woooooooooooooo


24th Mar 2010, 15:12

Good luck Mark.

I have had a Nippa, three Kelisas and two Myvis, and all have been good.

The Kelisas truly are excellent little cars and cannot be recommended highly enough.

I noted with interest that one UK race track uses them as tuition cars, as they have such good feel.

All three Kelisas had central locking hiccups, which were solved by simply removing and replacing the fuse to reset the system.

Have fun!