15th Apr 2005, 05:47

Ahhhh yes the ashtray, yes my 106 1.1 XN also has the same problem as well as my mates 106 1.0 XN! You're not the only one out there :)

16th Jun 2005, 12:27

I have a 1994 1.4 XS and I also have the ash tray problem! Apart from that and the limited drivers foot well space the car is great to drive!

17th Feb 2006, 09:46

Probably not an ashtray there because peugeot didn't want people to smoke while driving. More dangerous than on a phone if you ask me. Sorry to be a bore, but just witnessed a massive head on accident between two cars when one veered into the other lane while picking up a burning fag...

4th Sep 2006, 11:12

If you think smoking and driving is that bad, then please go ahead and ban stereo systems, satnav, passengers, pets and anything else that might distract your attention.

Let's not get into the nanny state frame of mind please.

Oh yeah, 106 Rallye - stunning car. Got a GTi myself, but I regard these highly.

16th Nov 2007, 10:49

I also have the ashtray problem, it flies open as soon as I accelerate, throwing coins everywhere. All 106's do it.

I have owned 2 series 1 rallye's, 1 series 2 Rallye, a 1.4 XSi and a 1.6 XSi. They have all had the ashtray prob. Also 3 of the 5 have leaked from the aerial into the interior light!! Small things that don't even bother you once you on an open (B) road. These cars are amazing, and you can't beat the look on VTR owners face's when you tell them they just got spanked by a 1.3.

4th Feb 2009, 17:17

My ashtray is in the boot somewhere.

28th Sep 2015, 14:53

I'm sat here genuinely wondering if I wrote this review 6 years ago and forgot all about it.

I have also had 2x Series 1 (Cherry Red, then Bianca white), an S2 (Indigo Blue), a 1.6 XSi and a 1.4 XSi (Miami Blue). All with standard problems, ashtray fixed with velcro sticky pads (only want 25% overlap on the velcro otherwise it's quite difficult to open).

Aerial leaking - remove aerial and apply Rain-X on the roof. Reattach aerial.