5th Dec 2005, 06:34

I paid £100 for my 1994 1.4 XS and I love it mint body work and great fun to drive, I had a sports exhaust fitted which boosts it up to 104bhp, going for chip and filter next.

22nd Jan 2006, 17:28

Yea I stuck a K&N filter on mine, sounded like a horse and made it nippier. They look good in diablo red as well, goes well with the badges and bump strips.

23rd Apr 2006, 13:26

I have to say my mate had a 106 XS 1.6, and some woman pulled out in front of him and bang! Now he cries himself to sleep.

Since he wrote it off, not only he misses it, but so do I. I want to get one next. At the moment I have a Rover 114 gta, which takes some crap, but performance wasn't quite up to my mate's 106. From what I can remember, we had a drag up the dual carriage way and it's about 1/4 of a mile long. By the end of the runway he had made approximately 60-80 metres on what my car could achieve. He was definitely quicker than my vehicle, and from judgement half that quicker than an MG ZR 105.

My 114gta can do 0-60 in 10.5sec. His 106 XS could do it in 9.5secs. Remember, the 106 XS has the older Saxo VTR engine in it. The VTR's made from 97-99 have 1.6 90bhp engines, and so does the 106 XS. The Saxo weighs approx 920kg and the XS weighs 895kg, making it on average just a shave quicker than the VTR - 0.2 seconds approx. I know for a fact the 106 XS is a good motor and if I were still 17, I'd get one. But instead I might get the GTi!

20th Jul 2006, 17:34

I have to say this about 106 XS. It's an amazing car because it is small, but a very fast and comfortable car. I put an air filter in it, so it is 100 hp now. In the city it is an easy drive. But I think it is not economic in the city.

21st Aug 2006, 08:06

My 1997 P reg 106 XS is currently only firing on 2 cylinders. The middle 2 cylinders are producing a very weak spark.

The problem started from when I first bought the car. It seemed to splutter from time to time for a couple of seconds, before clearing and running fine. After a while, the problem got worse and the problem was occurring all the time, and the car had lost power and would judder when accelerating. The spark plugs and leads were changed, and the coil pack was also changed. It also appeared that the coil was getting very hot.

Eventually the spluttering stopped and the car went to running on two cylinders, which caused it to have very little power. The car had a diagnostic check, and it said to change the ECU. So a 2nd hand ECU was put on the car, as well as a new coil, and the problem still persists.

I would very much appreciate any advice you have to offer. Thank you. Email elainemill@btinternet.com with suggestions please.

27th Nov 2006, 20:15

I have a red 106 XS, and it is just absolutely amazing. For all the Rallye and GTi fanatics out there that are young, and can't quite afford the car or insurance, the XS is definitely a worthy substitute ;) It drives like a dream.

5th Feb 2007, 15:42

I got an XS, awesome car!! I tested my 0-60, got it to 9.6 seconds. For one attempt that isn't bad. But what someone wrote about the economy thing being great; it isn't all that! When you thrash it, it does around 25 MPG, when it should be 39 on average. I can keep up with my mate's Golf GTI with it, so it isn't bad.

Just a question though, does anyone else find you hit the limiter in 5th gear? (115mph) Should it do that? Usually you just get to a speed where it won't go anymore. If that limiter wasn't hit, I'm confident it would reach 120-125.

23rd Feb 2007, 14:05

When I had a 1997 106 XS I timed it to 60 in just over 8 seconds, and it had about 100k on the clock. the engines certainly loosen up over the miles. and I found that they tend to rev limit in 5th at just over 130mph, either that or my speedometer was woefully inaccurate. I'd love to have another one.

1st Mar 2007, 05:24

Hi everybody

I would like to buy a peugeot 106 XS 1.6 for under £1000!I think the car is great, does anyone no what chip upgrade to put in the car or where i could buy one from please call me.

Tel. 07896679246.

3rd Jun 2008, 17:49

Does anyone know what types of mod I can do to my 1998 1.6 XS. I have removed the re-stricter in the throttle body which took it up to 99bhp but I need more.

10th Jun 2009, 18:36

I have a 106 1.4 XS. Paid a hundred pounds for it, but it needs a new drive shaft and rear stub axle, but apart from that it's amazing, the best car I have ever had. Any ideas on a drive shaft then call me on 07794885719 and ask for Nathan, but it is an ace car to drive shaft.