27th Oct 2002, 05:41

I just think he's getting a bit carried away!

I have a Honda 1.8 VTI (This can really do 8,000 rpm with no sweat) and although the book speed is 8.3 seconds it feels much quicker. But in fact it's not!

People often put ridiculous comments up when they get a new car, is all part of the game.

29th Oct 2002, 09:24

All I can say to the doubters who are sleggin' this 106 is come take a look under the bonnet and sit in the passenger seat for the ride of your life, oi oi!!

30th Oct 2002, 12:25

Yes, yes.

You should try to calm down, take a sedative or something.

The only way a 106 GTI is getting to 60 in six seconds is if you push it over a cliff.

Please try to be sensible.

31st Oct 2002, 07:03

I'll stick to the Vtec thanks, 61,000 miles and still pulls as strong as the day I first got her.

I have un-breakable faith in Hondas Vtec engine and wouldn't even consider anything else.

I do find however, that most people who drive 106s, VTRs etc do tend to get a little carried away. I have no trouble keeping up with any of them, 170 BHP makes it quite easy.

31st Oct 2002, 12:46

Look at the latest 106 review for the GTI on this site.

It mentions revving high and also mentions a blown head gasket in the same paragraph.

I rest my case!

Anyways, I don't dislike the 106 GTI, but I do think you are all getting carried away a bit.

0-60 in 6 seconds... No way, not on your nelly.

4th Nov 2002, 18:35

I think you have misunderstood what I was saying, I am the owner of an M3. My partners VTS is quick, but I quite clearly state "not as fast". I simply put it that it feels quick, and in actual fact for a tin can it is quick. Me only getting a max of 50M ahead over a 3/4 mile run shows good testament to the little car that I was singing it's praises. I do not own a VTS so learn to read before passing comment.

I suggest you wind your neck in, because you definately sound like you are the teenager with a hormone problem, whilst I can quite honestly say I am well past that!

4th Mar 2003, 10:48

... Well I'm a young 22 yr old girlie, trading my Calibra 2.0 8v in for a Diablo Red 106 GTi. I've been reading your comments and to be honest, I've been overwhelmed by the testosterone bouncing around the screen. I would like to inject a breath of fresh air. I am buying this car because it's a fun, nippy and quite frankly a lovely looking car. I think you lads need to get back to basics. Any car can be a rocket if you stick fancy filters, exhausts etc on them. Can't you just be impressed and appreciate its NATURAL talents. x.

20th Mar 2003, 12:21

I think that there is a lot of childishness going on here.

The 106 GTI is a fab little car and yes it is very fast for what it is.

I don't believe in NOS and all that, but as standard you will not find a greater small car, its fast, economical if not hammered and a generally fun car to drive.

As for the VTEC'S they are fantastic I have experienced a CRX VTEC and that is a pleasure to listen too as it sings past 8,000rpm.

The 106 GTI has identical performance to a CRX VTEC and as far as them being 1.6 engines there is nothing quicker about.

You cannot say this car does 0 - 60 in so and so because manufacturers figures vary to magazines such as Evo.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it is rude to question what they feel to be correct.

6th Jul 2003, 14:35

My Nissan Primera would thrash either the M3 or the 106...

... now I've got your attention ;-)

I had a 106 XSi (the older model) and I've never been in a car that could handle small roundabouts with such aplomb.

The 106 was followed (with a short break into the boring world of rep mobiles) by the 206 GTi. I have to say I was dissapointed with the "feel" of the car, the extra weight shows itself at the one thing the 106 was really strong at; the go kart like handling.

Admittedly the 206 was far stronger through the gears, but something was dearly missing.

I'm chopping the Primera in, and the one thing I want to regain is fun. I'm not sure in these days of NCAP, emissions and Gatso's I'm going to find a new car anything like the old XSi. Sure I could have the 106GTi/VTS, but then I like A/c (mondeo's have spoiled me). Plus the fact the 106 is _very_ dated now, the design is basically the same as the '92 model, and is due for replacement anytime soon, are great reasons not to get one.

Across the board cars have grown up, the manufacturers care more about "halo" effect of the GTi/Type-R/RS than the revival of the hot-hatch. Just look at the MK1 Golf, it accounted for a staggering proportion of sales. Now I'm sure the sales of the R32 are trivial in comparison to say those of a 1.6SE.

TBH Even the 106 is "grown up" compared to the 205. Such is the price of "progress" :-)

I think I'm going to look at a Daihatsu Cuore Avantazzimo (sp?) It's the closest thing I've driven to my old 106. Sure it's not the fastest, but that never was the point, it has the feeling of fun that is so missing from todays offerings.

9th Aug 2003, 12:38

As for the 106 Gti, maybe I just got a lemon. Technically, it was a very engaging drive, but what I didn't like was that it was full-on, all the time, which can be a pain when you're not in the mood to play. Also, it was not a relaxing car to drive on a motorway, largely due to its low gearing even in 5th gear.

28th May 2004, 02:34

The cars I have owned so far:

CRX Mk II (130)

205 GTI 1.6

91 MR2 Turbo

Corrado G60

Alfa 155 Q4

Vauxhall GSI (90-94)

Civic Si H/B SÝ

Civic H/B Vtec

As you can realize none of the cars above is slow or unexciting. Some of them are really expensive to run though.

If you don' t add the Q4 on the equation. 106 GTI is the best for 0-60 launch. It is also most fun to drive among others (Mine opinion) According to me Its steering response and related handling makes this tiny car unbeatable.

30th Jul 2004, 05:28

I've got a 406 2.0 Turbo. that's a real beauty! I don't know the 0-60 time (nor do I care) but it feels pretty quick to me. good handling, nice strong engine (150BHP) and all the luxuries of a big car (a/c etc). Does anybody have any views on this bigger pug??

7th Sep 2004, 18:25

Hi there.

I have recently bought a 106 gti.

I have owned many vast cars and I know how to drive them sensibly and stupidly.

I have to say that the 106 is a real treat to drive however, the sheer lack of reliability just bursts your bubble. although it seems fine now I'm still not gonna keep it never the less, happy memory's from that feisty little car.