20th Apr 2009, 07:43

I had a Daihatsu Sirion, what a terrible car, it was too heavy for the engine, so it was very slow, and second, would you rather say you had a Peugeot or a Daihatsu Sirion?

24th Apr 2009, 01:47

Oh, and the standard 5 year Daihatsu warranty and comprehensive breakdown cover would need to be considered, too. Forgot!

30th Apr 2009, 12:02

Re: 20th April 0743.

2009 107 1.0, 0-62 14.2 seconds

2009 Sirion 1.0, 0-62 13.9 seconds.

So even though the Sirion has the same engine, yet is bigger and better equipped, it is STILL faster than the 107...!

Yes, the 107 is more stylish, but the Sirion is just a better car throughout.

18th May 2009, 15:26

I think someone's posting in the wrong section! On looks alone, the Sirion is a loser... it's just not an attractive purchase for the used buyer on the style front and this is backed up by the residuals in the trade - check a Glasses Guide. OK if you're going to keep it for the long term, but not for me.

19th May 2009, 03:11

I agree it's not a looker, but it is charming in its own Japanesey-bizarre way!

I only lost £1200 in a year after buying my 2008 Sirion new and selling back to a dealer after in 2009 after 12,000 miles, so I did not find the loss to be any more than the equivalent C1/107/Aygo/Yaris - if anything it was better, but I will qualify that with the fact that I bought it very cheaply just before the two 2008 price increases and sold it back after, so this loss would likely be different now.

My brother has just swapped his 2006 C1 Vibe for a 2009 C1 VTR and is very pleased with it. Personally, I find it too small, basic and under specced myself, and find the ride crashy and tiring out of town compared to the Sirion.

Please don't think I am criticising the 107 - it is a great car for our time, but I do feel that (ignoring the image factor) the less obvious and less well known Sirion would be a better choice for many as it is simply bigger, better specced (eg standard aircon) and a better all-rounder if used as the household's main car.

It is a personal choice though; if you want a stylish, safe, cheap runabout or second car the 107/Aygo/C1 is a good choice!

It depends on your priorities - I just thought I would highlight an alternative to the 107 at the same price which uses same engine etc etc - hence the posting on this thread!

5th Jun 2009, 17:53

Original reviewer here... I have now had this car for 1 year and 5 days. It has done 11,100 miles and still runs perfectly.

The only very minor annoyance is a metallic vibration, which has developed from the rear silencer when the revs get up a bit - sounds like a loose baffle. Doesn't bother me though as it's a cheap car, performance is not affected, and it only happens briefly at higher revs.

The only other annoyance is not the car's fault, but the government's... they decided to postpone the decrease in road tax from £35pa to £20pa for another year, but I think I can live with it! Had it serviced at 10k miles, but as the first service is only an oil & filter change plus a general check over, I certainly wasn't going to pay the £145 the main dealer wanted. Typed up my own tick-list and had it fully serviced to Peugeot spec using an OE filter to keep the warranty intact by my local garage for £60... also getting the benefit of a mechanic doing the job as opposed to the semi-trained monkeys at the main dealer.

Despite liking it, I've just advertised it in Autotrader (at a bargain price - it's mint and was by far the lowest 107/C1/Aygo for it's age & model) but didn't receive a single call other than from agencies! I get bored of cars quickly and was looking to buy something like a used Porsche Boxster or a new Impreza WRX, but as it hasn't sold, I'm looking forward to keeping it at least another year. Think I'll use the money I save having this car to pay off my mortgage and buy a new motorbike.

Great little cars, fun to drive without risking your licence, cost peanuts to run, and there's LOADS more appearing on the roads these days! Used prices have gone up recently according to Glasses and CAP Black Book guides, as the price of the new car has gone up. Buy one! Or, as the previous commentator says - buy a Sirion (if you're over 90 yrs of age!)

6th Jun 2009, 01:36

I'm 34...!! As you've had a 107 for a while, why not demo a Sirion just to compare the drive - it's quite different. Agree on the styling, though-but the rest convinces.

The Sirion had a rasp on the exhaust, but not a rattle, my brother's C1 had the rattle too.

Surprised you had issues with private resale - usually 107s go quickly. Why not ring a few of the wanted ads in Auto-trader? Good luck.

I'm hearing a few horror stories about the 998cc VVTi unit used in the 107/Aygo/C1/Sirion/Justy/Yaris using a great deal of oil at higher mileages - anyone know more?

22nd Oct 2009, 14:56

ORIGINAL REVIEWER UPDATE: Have now sold this car after 15 months of ownership.

POSITIVES - it was good fun to drive, had 'character', and cost peanuts to run. I kept it 6 months longer than the Fabia VRS I had before it, which must say something.

NEGATIVES - cheap plastics & thin metals used (compared to newer rivals), and LEAKS, LEAKS, LEAKS... through the passenger door seal, the nsr light cluster and through the 'vents' in the rear panel of the boot - all leading to a regular swimming pool in the spare wheel well - this on a car owned from new and never suffered any damage/panel work. Also the dealers are totally USELESS.

TO SUMMARISE - good little cars, cheap to run, fun to drive, leak like a sieve, better budget cars out there.

16th Nov 2009, 05:10

Agree re C1 and leaking.

Despite two visits to dealer's repair shop and new door-seals, the rear foot wells regularly fill up with water in rain.

This is a shame as it ruins an otherwise excellent little car.

If anybody knows how to cure this, please let me know.

30th Nov 2009, 10:39

I also have a 107 lite and I am having the same issues with the passenger side. Last week I had it in the garage repaired for the leaking door seal, and today when I got in the car, the footwell was worse than ever with water - someone please help???

29th Dec 2009, 10:03

My daughter has a 107 and it leaks though the rear light seal. The dealer tried to fix it with sealant, but it still leaks, The car is going back in next week, hoping they will put a new light unit on and hopefully fix the problem. The water runs along the side of the car and down into the rear footwell. It depends how the car is parked.

8th Jan 2010, 13:51

Hate to say it, but I bought one of these new, and after 9 visits to the dealership to have leaks sorted, I have now, 6 months on, rejected the car - returned to the dealership with a solicitors letter. The dealer tried new door seals, extra stick on 'gutter' seals that fitted above the doors, sealant, the lot. My (& my solicitors) argument was that if the dealer is having to resort to extra 'sealing' gutter seals and silicon sealant, the car is and always was inherently not fit for purpose. Dealer refused to accept it back initially, but I left it on their forecourt and videoed myself (using my mobile) handing the keys and letter in to their reception desk. Took them nearly two weeks to acknowledge it and agree refund. They wanted to deduct £1k for depreciation, but as stated in my solicitors letter, the amount of inconvenience I have suffered far outweighed the loss in value the car suffered in 6 months, and only a full refund would be accepted. Got the cheque last week and it cleared through my account today :)

Pug 107's are a great idea in theory, but cheap garbage in practice. Friend of mine is a mechanic and says they are renowned for leaks. A lot of traders aren't even bothering to bid on them at the auctions because they don't want to take the chance of continuing grief from customers re leaks.

26th Mar 2011, 08:26


Just followed this thread, and yes I do find my Sirion has an appetite for oil!

Why is this? My car is a 2006 1.0. Has covered 62,000 miles. I did try a 15w40 oil once at a top up (use 10w40 here in Malta all the time); it seemed to slow the flow..