1987 Peugeot 205 GTi 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Simply The Best Hot Hatch - Drive One!



General Comments:

What can I say? Great, Fantastic, the 'must-have' hot hatch of all time! This was my first and only 'real hot hatch', it never failed to put a smile on my face. Amazing corning abilities, quick in a straight line as well. Build quality not the best, but overall driving experience makes up for that. Can still today beat many of the so called modern 'hot hatches'. Considering the age and mileage it was also very reliable, with very little rust. Since owning the Pug I have owned, Corsa SRI, Golf GTI and now a 2002 Astra SRI, none of which even come slightly close to the excitement of the PUG.

If you ever get the chance to purchase a mint low milleage cared for example, DO IT! Life too short not to!

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2003

1987 Peugeot 205 XS 1.4 from Bulgaria


A perfect city car that offers plenty of power


The gearbox is in bad condition. There are those horrible noises when the car runs at less than 900 RPM so you can surely get the idea it's gonna break into it's parts in the next few seconds. It causes an oil leak below the car. The repair cost is around 300 euro.

The front seats are a bit worn.

I had to replace the whole braking system - first the front disks, then the rear drums as they caused me to crash.

One of the dashboard lights burned.

Broke the rooftop button - it's very hard to replace or repair it.

A couple of months ago the cars started to develop strange fuel consumption - it varies between 12 and 16. I went at 4 different services and noone was able to find the cause.

Clumsy car wash guy broke my window lifter. Now it falls by itself when I drive on a bumpy road.

General Comments:

The twin Weber's make this car so quick you can outperform BMW 316's with ease.

The fuel consumption is not as hard as I was thinking. The car goes around 6.5 liters per 100km out of the city borders and I drive it hard - 140-150 km/h. The city fuel consumption goes around 10.

The interior is pretty comfortable compared to Japanese or Deutsch cars.

The radio is placed odd. You have to reach down below in order to operate it. Definitely not well designed.

Avoid driving the car when it hardly rains - most of the times you will end driving with 3 or what's worse - 2 cylinders. If you happen to run through a deep puddle the car will eventually completely stop.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2003

21st Mar 2003, 12:50

I have a 1.4 XS as my second run around car. My neighbour had it from new and was his first car. It is thoroughly well maintained and the mechanics excellent at 130,000 miles. a little body attention, but excellent for an E reg.

The performance and driving enjoyment has been so good though, that I find I'll drive it rather than our near new Zafira!

Two kids go in the back with not too much difficulty despite having just two doors.

I agree with you. A good car that goes really well and for just a few beans too!

1987 Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9 from UK and Ireland


A constant drain on your cash


Oh, only parts that come into contact with air.

General Comments:

I have had three 205 GTis over the years.

The first blew up on the motorway, the second (a limited Sorrento green 1.9), which was a very nice car to look at and had full leather, only cost me ten pounds in repairs over two years. Until it became impossible to see out of the rear view mirror due to a mile long smoke screen pouring out of the exhaust, so that went.

Then recently I thought what the hell, I'll buy another, maybe it was just bad luck. This came in the form of a limited edition Miami blue 1.9, which was a very clean example with a tight gear shift (yes, I said tight gear shift). I have owned the car one month now, and it has well and truly done me over, and will never start in the mornings.

The list of problems with mine and many friends GTis is endless. I have come to the assumption that you cannot prolong death; these are old cars; however nice to look at and drive round the block, they will endeavor to be a constant drain on your cash, and therefore any so called "un-abused" or "never raced or rallied" GTis should be kept in museums and well out of my way! I never want to own one again.

I apologise to the people who dedicate many hours of hard labour into funding these creaky, tinny heaps of crap. I've had a trying life with many recent wintery mornings, stuck with no way to get to work.

Yours, hoping that in heaven there are no pugs. Lee Clarke, Solihull, West Mids.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2003