1993 Peugeot 205 XR 1.4 single point fuel injectio from UK and Ireland


Good looks, great handling, good bodywork, let down by poor fuel injection system


Brake lines under body (to replace them by sending them over the fuel tank the same way as the originals requires removing the fuel tank - so send the replacement along the sills instead)

Off side rear brake piston, and brake shoes both sides (fluid all over off side ones)

Water leaks in through roof where aerial goes in

Peugeot-fitted immobiliser went on the blink - three figure sum to replace, but frighteningly easy to wire it out.

Near side front brake calliper

Central locking actuator (£70 to replace - or just disconnect it and reach over to undo the passenger door)

Rear sub-frame mounting blocks

Gear remote actuator seized onto idler arm (kept popping out of gear - drilled out and replaced with a stainless steel bolt)

Throttle body (endemic to these single point injection cars - hundreds of pounds for a Bosch new replacement, or about £60 to £80 from a breakers yard, but they are rare as everyone else with an 8 year old Bosch single point injection car is after one, too).

General Comments:

OK, so this one was a dog. I don't know if they are all as bad as this - I guess not.

The single-point injection is a known weakness. One breakers yard I phoned in the hunt for a throttle body interrupted me as soon as I got to saying, "I've got a 1993 205 with Bosch single point injection...". "Ah!", they interrupted, "You'll be after a replacement throttle body then". Enough said.

With hindsight, perhaps I should have got a diesel instead.

The best thing about it is that is is such good FUN to drive. Re-live the days when you just got in the car and went somewhere just for the fun of driving.

Handles wonderfully, and looks good. The bodywork and underside are completely immaculate, except for a small patch on the bonnet where it looks like some nit used a cutting compund or similar. Give it a quick wash and polish and it still looks superb.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2002

1993 Peugeot 205 Junior 1.7 diesel (non-turbo) from UK and Ireland


Comfort and reliability combined with economy and adequate performance; a joy to own and drive


Nothing too serious; in fact just general wear and tear.

Both front wheel bearings.

New radiator at 120000 miles.

New alternator at 150000 miles.

Three sets of brake disks over the years.

Rear subframe mounting bushes.

General Comments:

A wonderful little car. Had it from new and it's never let me down.

Will cruise happily all day at 85 (where allowed ;-) )

The fuel consumption never drops below 55 mpg.

Supremely comfortable ride, even on dodgy roads.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2002

8th Sep 2005, 17:21

My 205 1560 cc auto is great, J reg,19000 miles from new, zero rust, but, it drinks petrol like a Jag, and will not go in to fourth gear under 46 m.p.h.,I am looking for an L.P.G. conversion company in or near London.,after all, its half the price of petrol, in the mean time, I will fit treble point spark plugs and fuel economy high silicone "Continental" tires, not to mention pumping the tires to the max of 44 p.s.i.,for good m.p.g.,I check the pressure every week,...another good point on the 205 is strong bumpers, all you get from a low speed shunt is a scuff mark, a Ford bumper shatters like glass, take a look at Mondeos.P.S.,don't you just love it when Americans you meet on the net complain about petrol at 1.20 $ a gallon? (that's 60p) :)...comments?

23rd May 2007, 03:25

Totally agree! Someone knocked my Mondeo in a car-park... new bumper required. I didn't mind, as I saw them do it, so there was no getting away with it, but still... £100 for parts and labour to them!

I read different things about auto 205's drinking habits. Mine was always pretty good... but others moan about the mid 20s. Strange. I guess it's all down to how to drive it / condition of the car.