1993 Peugeot 205 XAD GL 1.8 diesel from UK and Ireland


A load of crap, fit for the scrappers



New wheel bearings every 20k

New CV boot

New glo plugs.

General Comments:

Having spent £110 on a wheel bearing, I took one look at her and thought forget it, I ain't spending anything else on it, and I ran it into the ground!

The drive shaft eventually started to fail, which was my final alert, and I bought a new car. My 205 fell to bits with the exhaust falling off on its last few days!

I eventually had it scrapped for £30, and that was that!

It's a shed!

It wouldn't go any faster than 65mph, as it's like a block of cheese!

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Review Date: 14th July, 2006

15th Jul 2006, 00:27

I do not understand why you accept such stupid reviews. The crap is not in the car...

15th Jul 2006, 11:20

Maybe the mileage was a factor...

16th Nov 2007, 18:38

I think the 300,000 miles it had covered probably had something to do with the problems, especially if its not been maintained properly! Give it a break! Mines on 190k and still drives like new (oil change every 5k and serviced regularly!)! Passed last mot with no advisories!

16th Feb 2013, 01:27

Really, the simple fact that a cheap little utilitarian car - cheap at the time of purchase brand new, and cheap to repair - has attained this huge mileage is absolutely noteworthy.

1993 Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9 1.9 from UK and Ireland


Affordable Road Rocket


Since I owned the Gti I had a loose wire on the starting circuit, which meant it would only bump start, sorted by finding loose wire then attaching it. Next problem was a faulty alternator, the breakdown service checked all starting circuits and ignition modules (and replaced with temporary new ones - no faults). New alternator fixed non starting blues in morning before work. Leaking bottom hose on radiator - still in need of replacement (Spring Time!), currently topping up.

General Comments:

I find the Gti 1.9 Peugeot such a blast to drive that even though I have had electrical trouble I would not consider parting with it.

Engine and handling are great, and earns the go cart image.

Picked mine up for £270 - after fixing everything & new MOT £650. Shall have the beast until it is totally uneconomical to repair.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2005

1993 Peugeot 205 Junior 1.7 diesel from UK and Ireland


Cheap to run, cheap to buy. Great practical motoring


There was a slight head gasket leak, but not enough to bother getting it fixed. Also, soon after buying it, the power steering unit decided to leak fluid everywhere, but this was fixed for a relatively small fee.

General Comments:

Mmmm. I remember this as being a superbly reliable little car. The diesel engine would light no fires, but it was so cheap to run, 'cheap as chips' as David Dickinson would say.

Fond memories of the high miles we would clock up (72000 in just over four years) as it never missed a beat, just chugging on and on. Bit like me says the wife!

The 'jeans' look interior on the seats and door trims was not to our liking, but we were offered the car at an increadibly cheap price so who could argue. It was hard wearing enough though.

Never once used a Peugeot dealer to service it as it was so easy to work on myself. Parts were always easy and cheap enough to get hold of also. Tyre wear was negligable and I think the only thing I replaced was a broken windscreen.

Traded it in for a Saxo VTR. What a mistake. Never again, even though the Saxo had better performance and handling. It could not compare in finish and general practical, everyday motoring.

Still a few seen around today and at bargain prices too. The insurance was very cheap for a foreign car so I remember. Nice easy gearbox, a pleasure to drive. An ideal first car I would presume.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2003

5th Jan 2004, 08:26

This is a fair write up on the Junior. Really, it was designed I think as a second family car, however I own a yellow one, which had 2 previous owners; all the other side of 60. It had never really been "driven". On its debut I drove it back from Worthing, and blew away the Ford turbo diesel my mate was following me in. Since then it has taken out a Vauxhall Cavalier 2 litre, and been neck and neck with the 1.4 GT petrol Pug. With a bit of encouragement it will touch a ton (down hill with the wind behind it). I expect it will do more, but dodgy drive shafts are always in the back of my mind. Just wait till I fit the turbo!!!

20th Aug 2007, 16:10

I am the owner of a Peugeot 205 junior and I love my car. Never had any problems with it. I do have one issue though, I lost battery power and lost my radio code. Can any one offer any advice on how to retrive it.