3rd Jan 2004, 08:08

A 205 GTi owner had a drive of my 205 stdt with intercooler modification causing him to smile broadly as well as a jealous look of envy at the 45-50mpg.

29th Jul 2004, 06:08

If my experience of Peugeot 106s is anything to go by, there should be a small white oblong sticker concealed within the housing of the IR receiver in the unit mounted in the roof-lining, by the rear view mirror. The Peugeot dealer was able to order a remote, but would not guarantee it would work (it did). I then only had to get a key cut and modify it to fit the fob. The owner was well chuffed as they had bought the car without the fob.

30th Aug 2004, 10:06

Could you tell me where you purchased your inter-cooler from?

I am looking into getting it done and is your cooler aluminum or off a 405?

27th Oct 2004, 13:30

Can someone tell me if I can use a donor intercooler for my 205 DTurbo, ie rob one from a scrap 405/306.

If not, where can I buy a kit to do the job?

Also has anyone fitted an induction kit and has it made much improvement?

24th Nov 2004, 16:38

Allardturbosport are now south of Gloucester at Quedgely.

10th Jun 2006, 01:49

I own a metallic gold STDT and at this very moment in time it has 72k on it. It's a good reliable car... although every Pug' I have owned, the brakes don't feel up to much. But saying that, it may just be the way I drive it as I'm quite heavy on brakes and tyres. The standard wheels are absolutely disgraceful so I have rid the car of them for a white powder coated pair of 1.9 GTI wheels. Powder coating cost me £20 a corner. It sits lower to the floor than my last 205 and I noticed the difference in handling instantly. Electric windows work perfectly. No leaks in rear windows as I had in my prior 205 (GRD), although I do get a small leak in the sunroof due to the seal. Whilst in fast food drive thrus/traffic, the heat gauge raises fairly quickly, but when I get going again it's fine. It picks up well and handles long motorway drives easily. Fuel consumption is great if you keep the RPM at nothing over 2k. I love this car as it's limited edition and I don't see anyone in one here. I get envious looks off GTI owners whilst I grin manically. GTI looks... Diesel soundtrack.

20th Jul 2006, 14:25

I have a Peugeot 205 stdt, could anyone tell me what the stdt stands for? Its really been bugging me and you all seem to know what your on about.

30th Aug 2006, 01:54

STDT stands for Sport Trim Diesel Turbo. It's the only turbo diesel to have GTI arches and bumpers. Where as with the 306 turbo diesel.. they all had the sportier bumpers. The STDT is limited edition and only made in L reg 1993/1994, although I don't know how many were produced.

30th Mar 2007, 03:58

Hiya there. I have a 205 STDT turbo diesel. I love it and have done lots of mods to it:

Big brake upgrade, GTI alloys, coilover suspension and lots more.

The car is quick, but I was thinking of putting in a turbo and intercooler off a Citroen ZX TD Volcane; it's the KKK turbo. Could any one tell me if it would fit the STDT? Or if not, could you tell me what would fit one, and what would the power gains be?


6th Jun 2007, 04:30

Hi there they also came in grey as well.

19th Jun 2007, 17:38

The 205TD is a great car as are the STDT's.

An inter-cooler would be the best idea in improving your stdt still keeping it standard and giving a really good performance boost.

I have a bought an inter-cooler from eBay and did not realise the the connecting hoses are so expensive as are the alloy tubes. Be warned. Great idea, but you need a good wage to finance the project.

25th Jun 2007, 09:42

Peugeot 205 1.9 GTI wheels look best, and make them handle great.

31st Aug 2007, 11:54

Can anyone explain how the intercooler upgrade is fitted in. It looks like the hose between compressor outlet and intake manifold is very short so I can't see how you route an intercooler in between. Any help gratefully received as I'm considering experimenting with a 'home' modification.

28th Nov 2007, 12:49

I have not been on here for several years and am surprised to see this thread is still going. For all you doubters my STDT has covered almost 35,000 miles since I had the Allard stage 2 ali intercooler fitted. Although the car isn't being used at the moment, it is still as quick and gives just as much pleasure as the day I had it done. I can remember it very clearly. In preparation for having the intercooler fitted I refurbed the whole of the front suspension and brakes all round with new OE parts. It also happened that I needed new tyres so I figured the car would be well prepared for the extra 20-25hp the intercooler mod would give it. Leaving Allardturbosport in Monmouth for the test drive it was instantly noticeable the engine had more power and 'get up and go'. The car felt like new on the way home just run in at 98,000 miles. The foresight to refurb all the suspension and brakes was a good one as it performed very nicely just like a go cart but with a decent ride. Back home a week later it went on a rolling road and gave 98.4 bhp at the wheels. For a car the weight of an empty coke can it has meant it is now pretty nippy. The speedo needle certainly shifts especially in 2nd and 3rd gear accelerations, in fact all gears the acceleration is now excellent and it has a very handy top end which it never had before. Put your foot down at 75-80mph and where before it was starting to run out of breath it really shifts well into three figures.

For all the other philistines out there who have or want to mod and chav these cars - DON'T! There are precious few of them, and the way Peugeot set them up and styled them in the factory was just perfect. Fitting larger wheels and lowering the ride height ruins their balance, ride and poise.

It is difficult to improve upon Peugeot's factory set up of the stdt other than what I have done by fitting a decent intercooler. Allards, who were one of the dealers who use to fit intercoolers to new 205 diesel turbos said this mod was about as far as you could go with the standard engine. Give them their dues it has certainly made the car alot quicker and is well able to keep up with modern day traffic. The economy has remained good and the smile factor is still great.

As regards more power, I wouldn't advise this without stripping the engine and fitting forged pistons, plus being a diesel there are the emissions for the MOT to worry about. What I did to mine is about the best route and most cost effective. If you have an STDT, just drive it and enjoy it!!

Can't comment on using 2nd hand intercoolers from other Peugeot or Citroen models. Suffice to say that they are probably not as efficient as brand new ali intercoolers. You need reinforced silicon or better solid ali pipework to stop the pipes collapsing under vacuum, which I guess may well happen with rubber hosing. The intercooler needs to be mounted low down, just behind and below radiator where it can gets lots of ram cold air, NOT on top of the engine where it's hot.

The standard STDT turbo is a KKK unit, the size I don't know though. Big bore tail pipes and exhausts are a waste of time; they do nothing for performance. Apart from the ali intercooler the rest of my Stdt is totally standard and that's all you need really. Great little car. 50 mpg as well.

Perhaps the only other thing I might do is fit vented discs to the front or if I felt I could justify the further cost and effort a 1.9 GTI rear beam with discs, but I guess there is quite a bit of work involved in this plus one may have to change the servo as well if doing this. Anyway if you're a decent driver you don't need to hammer the brakes as it will go round virtually anything as it is like a go cart.

As to the boaster poster saying he achieved 135mph out of an STDT/DT -dream on.... the car isn't that highly geared and redlines at only 4,800rpm.

These are well pretty cars. Do not chav or mod them. I have seen these cars up for sale in chaved state and they fetch a fraction of the price than if they were still in good standard condition and appearance. they are pretty rare now, in fact, I figure you could easily make your money back if you found a good one and looked after it.