2nd Jan 2008, 05:23

Hi! just thinking of getting 205 stdt.what price am I looking at and do they have pas.for wife! cheers.

12th Jan 2008, 12:07

Yes they came with power steering as standard, as well as electric windows. Some even had ABS (although this is rare as it was an extra cost option). As for cost, I paid £600 for my one owner 55k stdt four months ago, but such low mileages are rare on these cars. I have seen them go for up to £1000 if they have been well looked after.

1st Feb 2008, 09:44

If you can find an stdt, they're pretty rare now.

5th Feb 2008, 13:12

Hi people I love the comments, even the guy that put the ESSAY up, OK we heard you bragging about your inter cooler which OBVIOUSLY is far superior to any other inter cooler out there..

I am a proud new owner of a metallic green STDT and I love it. The condition of is not A1 but I plan to restore it too its former glory (body work wise). Engine wise it feels strong at 115K.

Any tips would be apreciated. Thanks

1st of all :

Are the 15" alloys not the same as the 1.9gti?

I am to 1) get under the bonnet for a peace of mind thorough service including belts.

2) Upgrade the rear brakes to disks by possibly a 309 or 1.9gti rear beam with disks still attached and 406 master cylinder..

Also I would like some advice on fitting either 1.9Gti/309 wishbones and or drive shafts. Lower front springs.

And for the gut with brown leather ELBOW pads on his jacket this is for improved handling via wider track and improved aesthetics as the car currently sits ridiculously high


To care how your car looks does not equal a chav (unless you have neon lights and wings hanging off it!!

Please guys any tips would really help.


9th Feb 2008, 14:04

Hi found a stdt 95k, but overheating problem? (cylinder head?) any thoughts? cheers!

6th Apr 2008, 11:01

Hi does any one no how many 205 stdts were made I know that were only made for one year in 3 colours I have a green one just curious many thanks.

5th May 2008, 14:27

Just bought a 205 STDT in gold off eBay. Loving it, great car.

Can't wait to pass my test and start driving it. Trying to keep it standard.

I'm having a problem with the boot; it leaks. Does anyone know what would be causing it?


3rd Jun 2008, 05:08

Could it be the wet stuff that falls from the sky? Think they call it "rain"?

Seriously, check the rubber boot seal all the way round to see it's not degraded. Check boot alignment to see if it is gappy when closed - from memory there are a couple of rubber bump-stops on the inside of the hatch which can be adjusted in/out by turning them to make the tailgate a better fit.

Your other options are to do with the rear washer system. Does the rear jet work at all? If not, is there a break in the pipework somewhere? Also, given that the supply bottle for the rear washer is in the boot, is there a crack in it, or the blue filler cap badly fitted?

Hope this helps...

23rd Jul 2008, 12:55

I have a 94 205 STDT in green, and in the past have also owned some BX 1.7 TD's

I think the best tuning option is to fit the 90bhp BX 1.7 TD engine & gearbox.

These engines pull far stronger than the Pug TD lump due to the intercooler and revised pump settings giving tons more torque.

22nd Aug 2008, 05:46

Sorry to disappoint you, but the STDT does not have ABS. Enjoy your STDT. Fit a decent intercooler and adjust the injection pump timing, and enjoy it even more.

19th Feb 2009, 21:21

It took me some time to read all the comments, including the essays, but it's great that owners like to write about these cars. Some one should make a website just for the STDT.

I have just bought an Oberon Green STDT off fleabay and am really pleased with it. It is standard apart from 1.9GTi alloys. I was looking at the front suspension, which I think is standard. Mine seems to have double wishbones, same as the GTis, but no vented discs (yet)? Did STDTs have vented discs as std or not? Also is the rear beam 1.6GTi spec? Where can I get new driving lamps that are in the front spoiler as mine are knackered? Any help or advice gladly appreciated.

17th Sep 2009, 10:16

They do come with vented front discs - even had ABS as an option, but very very rare - I've heard it's not worth fitting the discs on the rear as they are nothing but trouble, and don't do any much better job than the drums. I also think that you have to fit the complete axle, which ain't a huge amount of fun either.

New divers can always be found on the great auction site.

9th Dec 2009, 06:50

Well I'm amazed I've never stumbled across this thread before...

I've owned dozens of 205's over the years, lots of GTi's, CTi's, 4 Gentry's (still got one, for sale, 30k, one old lady owner miles manual ;) ) and I'm on my 3rd STDT now; steel grey, 215k and absolutely spot on with perfect bodywork. The standard 1.8 engine let her head gasket go about 205k, and with that I fitted the Xantia 1.9 TD engine with Bosch fuel pump and never looked back!

Being an owner and driver of performance 205's for many years, I've been very surprised at what an amazing car and conversion this is, and I'd like to give my opinions on what I've read here.

The STDT handles mint as standard, yes, but there is a lot of body roll and room for improvement. A quick and tight left into a right into left at speed will leave you holding on or in the hedge if you're not lucky. It really does need to be lower, they have thinner torsion bars than the GTi and also a very slightly different brake setup, better in my opinion; they soak up the bumps lovely, but they are too high. 1 spline drop on the back and you're at GTi height...

Personally I've gone for 309 GTi rear beam and front end driveshafts and arms with GTi6 hubs, low wide and handles mint. I really can't see how that could possibly lower the value of the car when all it has done is improve it!

As standard they wear tyres a bit if driven at speed, because of the roll and lack of grip, not an issue if you pootle about, but I suppose I'm what you could call an old skool boy racer even at 31 :)

Anyways, back to the engine, if you want to keep the standard 1.8 engine and want an intercooler, get a Xantia or 406 1.9 TD inlet manifold, as this will allow you to fit pipework to fit one at the front. Don't bother with a 306 intercooler on top of the engine, there is no way you can get air to it, and it will just heat the air up, not cool it. Adding an intercooler alone will NOT give you 25bhp, maybe 5-10 if you're lucky, it is a definite mod you should go for though, it will make your engine last longer, but with all the hassle on the standard engine, why not just swap for a 90bhp as standard 1.9 from a 406 or Xantia???

Anyway intercooler under bumper at front of the radiator or lower radiator and pipes over the top, up to you, not that hard or expensive though...

Xantia engine has 92bhp as standard, it takes an hour or two max to turn a few screws (info is freely available on net) and up the power to 130-150 as long as you have a good engine, fresh oil, know what you're doing etc, it's a piece of p@@@. Seriously, I've always been petrol 205, but TD is the future LOL, so easily tuneable, turn turbo up on actuator lying on your back, turn up boost compensator on pump, max fuelling etc and one major pocket rocket with 200 pounds plus of torque!!! I don't believe a word of don't turn it up, don't give more boost etc Peugeot detuned these engines as standard, the diesels are bulletproof, tuning everything up (tuning) them can only give you better fuel economy and a cleaner engine, meaning it WILL last longer!

Forget HDI's and modern diesels with computers, things to go wrong and expensive parts, you want an old skool 205 STDT / TD and start tuning it, you will never have such a big grin on your face :)

Me and my mate both have 2.0 turbo petrol pugs too, both tuned right up and I tell you what, my little STDT is far far quicker on the take off, pulls through gears amazing, turbo kicks in about 1400k and I can be in 5th at 35 and still accelerate like the old 1.8 used to in 2nd! Go on, give her a 1.9, you know she wants it LOL ;)

One final word, make sure you keep up on oil changes, that's what keeps these old turbo diesels going, I do mine every 4k.

Enjoy your Super Turismo diesel turbo's and look after them, their values can only go up and up with all this modern built to last 5 years crap that's everywhere.