7th Jan 2007, 00:34

To the American guy, if you haven't driven a 205 GTi, why comment on it?

There is no need in trashing other cars because of their engine size and so on, as bringing over your Camaro to England's shores, I can pretty much guarantee your car would be like a fish out of water!

As like the 205 GTi in the States!

Anyway, just had my 1.9 re-tuned to its original spec (nearly), and all I can say is WOW! If you haven't done it guys, please do it, as when it went onto the rolling road, it was only producing 85bhp!

Keep them standard, and keep them away from the boy racer crowd, please people!!

Other than that, enjoy probably the best GTi ever made, and probably it's never going to be bettered!

Happy M3 and 205 GTi owner. :-)

7th Jan 2007, 12:40

HMMMM, if Americans don't want/need tight suspensions you'll have to explain why BMW makes most of its money here. And Porsche. And Ferrari.

American cars are advanced? Guess you'll have to explain why ABS is NOT standard on every GM car even though GM ran an ad campaign more than 10 years ago stating that every car had it. Guess ABS doesn't quality as "advanced" in your book. Then lets move on to American manufacturers continued push to DEFEAT safety advances such as one "piece" seatbelts, airbags, safety cells, and more. Guess those aren't "advances" either.

And OnStar is advanced? Everytime I've used it the operator is not only an idiot, but has directed me to the WRONG location, to places that did not even exist (like a restaurant that closed down seven years ago, but she kept insisting was there), and didn't even know what state I was in (I asked for a location in California and she gave me directions to a place in New Jersey because the towns had the same name).

And every restaurant I've been to has Perrier available. Guess you'll have to broaden your horizons beyond fast food.

7th Jan 2007, 12:58

First of all, I'm not the person that made the comment about the Camaro in 2004, frankly I think he went over the top and could have been more civil.

Second, I'm not bashing the Peugeot, I bet it's a really good car for Europe, but the only reason I commented at all was to point out that a lot of things that have been said here about American cars simply isn't true.

7th Jan 2007, 17:41

'HMMMM, if Americans don't want/need tight suspensions, you'll have to explain why BMW makes most of its money here. And Porsche. And Ferrari.'

If that is true, then it's for several reasons, one is that America has 300 million of the worlds wealthiest people! So if there's status symbols to be bought, some Americans will, just because they're expensive. And as far as I know, most BMW's are either SUVs or huge sedans and the ones that I see aren't great at handling, the auto cross I go to is dominated by SRT-4's, Mitsubishi Evolutions and Corvettes not BMWs. As far as ABS goes, not everybody wants it! I think having it as an option is perfectly reasonable. I don't know what you are talking about with seat belts and airbags, all modern American cars have that, duh! The perrier thing was a joke, but I don't see it even at fancy restaurants anymore. But seriously, I think we should let people get back to their conversation about the Peugeot 205 tho, and stop wasting time with this American car bashing garbage.

7th Jan 2007, 22:43

To the guy who has an M3 and a 205 GTi, I just want to say you are a lucky git! :-)

I don't want to start this silly war of cars from different continents, but it was the guy from the states who made a joke of the 205 in the first place, so you should appreicate people getting a bit annoyed as he had no case to argue!

I don't have a 205 GTi (yet) but was considering buying one from JustGTi's as too many of them have now have been thrashed to within an inch off their live's.

If anyone has bought a car from their I would appreciate any feedback given before parting with 3k.


24th May 2008, 17:18

I suspect that our American cousin has yet to drive a European hatchback with a small (less that 4 litres) engine, but given oil is expected to to hit the $200 per barrel mark by the end of the year, he may well be experiencing it in the near future!

11th Nov 2008, 17:04

I was transferred to Houston year ago and had to leave my beloved 205 1.9 back at home (with my Subaru WRX). What a loss! I've tested quite a few cars in US (Evo 9 was closest to 205) and finally got BMW 330i and new Golf GTI. Each of them is good and probably faster then 205. But none of them even close to joy and ride of 205. Golf is very good in a corner, but 205 cornering is by itself. The Golf is good on torque and power. But the 205 is far away ahead with crisp engine response and overall balance. I missing it a lot, specifically in Texas where driving is such a boring thing. But the 205 is never boring. At least for me.

PS: I greatly respect all good cars - either European, Japanese or American. But still looking for something that is better than a 205.

31st Oct 2009, 06:05

Just to point out that this is an Australian and New Zealand review. Why are we arguing over whether Pug's and Chevy's are the better car? I'll set you all straight. Euro's may not have huge amounts of bhp, but you can use almost all of it (VW Polo, SEAT Ibiza GTi, Pug 205 and 306) because of their neat lil gear boxes. Yank Tanks are OK as luxo barges, but are no means sporting when you drive em, Chrysler Neon? Nuff said. Japanese cars are by far the most reliable (Mitsi Mirage Asti, Honda Civic) vehicles on the market, believe me, I've owned Euro's, Yanks and Ozzy cars and the Japanese blow em away when it comes to day to day driving. Every country makes cars that are suited to their individual environment. In Australia, Euro's don't venture much out of the city's for reliability reasons, same with the American cars. GM Holden, Toyota, Nissan and Ford Australia are all you'll get in 90% of our country... Japanese cars are the king of reliability, Euro's are sweet to drive, Yanks are good on comfort and Aussie 6 & 8 are awesome cars for torque. Nuff said, Please can we get back to praising and rubbishing the Pug 205 kiddies?

23rd Jul 2012, 09:21

OK. I have to add this. I live in Australia, which is a country that has harsh conditions. I believe that the Ford Falcon is the strongest car you can get in this country, and one of the most comfortable cars around.

That said. I also own a 97 model Saab 9000 CD (low pressure turbo), which has done 400,000kms. I have driven it around the country 3 times, and it hasn't missed a beat. I always service it regularly, and I always check the oil and fluid levels. All cars are reliable until you start missing services; then they are all problems.

American cars use too much fuel, their build quality is ordinary, and you couldn't pay me to drive one, even if I did live in the States. If I did live in the States, I would probably get a Toyota Camry.

The Peugeot 205 is brilliant. I have driven cars with 3 times the power output of a 205, and they have failed to put a smile on my face the way a 205 can. They are simply fantastic to drive. Service it regularly and it will be reliable. Just like any car. Even a Toyota Camry will cost you if you neglect it.