1990 Peugeot 205 1.9 from Norway


Surprise! Absolutely recommended for cheap car buyers


Sometimes when warm, the starter will turn but the engine won't ignite.

Driveshafts weary.

General Comments:

I got the car because my other car lost cooling and over heated, which ruined the engine. I tried the 205 and it was a delight to drive, though it might seem exaggerated, the over-smooth drive was really a surprise.

I never expected the quality of the car either, I expected it to break down soon, as my driving is quite hard and not so friendly to the car, but it has never failed me. The driveshafts are making some noise when I turn the wheels, but that is something you can expect from any car that has driven so far.

It is also astonishing how everything has kept so good after 20 years and over 220 000 KM, the interior is in almost perfect condition, just dirty. I am impressed.

The car is also galvanised so there isn't a trace of rust on it!

Handling is perfect. The 1.9 engine combined with the automatic transmission is nice in the way that you can drive smoothly and calm if you like, or when you should need or want to drive fast. It's also really nice on your wallet if you drive calmly.

I am so glad the bodywork is galvanised, because I want to keep this car for as long as I live.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2009

1990 Peugeot 205 GLD diesel from UK and Ireland




Can you believe only 2 things have gone wrong with my little Pug. Firstly the water motor that pumps the water onto the windscreen. Secondly I had to replace the passenger window due to someone smashing it to take the stereo... not the car's fault really, so just the one fault!

General Comments:

I have a few Pug 205's. I have an Mi-16 converted 205 that is running 159.8bhp, a 1.6 205 GTI and my 1990 5 door diesel to get my about in cheaply.

If you want an ultra cheap car then the 205 diesel is for you!! Mine returns a healthy 50+mpg. Everything about her is cheap... exhaust, service parts etc etc... if you want you can run 205 diesels on used cooking oil. I used to give the Fish and Chip shop owner £10 for 25 litres of used oil. They are nippy little cars as well. I took mine to Germany last year and she sat happily at 80mph on the Autobahn's, at one point I took her to her max speed... The speedo showed 102mph, but the satnav showed 97mph, not bad considering she has done almost 200,000 miles!!

She starts first time every time. I met a bloke in a garage a few years ago, his 205 diesel had covered 260,000 and had hardly ever been serviced, the engines really are amazing in these cars.

You can still have fun on the roundabouts and country lanes as they handle so so well, and the good thing is you don't get the rather nerve shattering experience of the lift off oversteer which I get in my other Pugs, this is only because my other Pugs are so much faster, thus easier to loose on a tight bend.

I'm going to keep mine until I run her into the ground. I'm in the building trade and my little 205 is filled with tools and all sorts of things everyday, and taken across muddy building sites through deep mud and sand, and she still lives... If only they made cars like this today.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2009

25th Oct 2009, 19:10

Great review.

I had a 205 diesel a few years ago, really good car. Mine had 209 thousand miles when I sold it, and the lady that bought it from me still has it going today. I don't think they ever break down! I got mine to 100mph once, every car must be tried for a top speed once, LOL.

Would have another one if I didn't need a Transit van for work.

4th Jan 2010, 19:48

I agree there good cars, my 406 1.9 has just died with 340,000 on the clock and the cam belt was 20,000 overdue when it broke!