1990 Peugeot 205 XS 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Fun car, if you don't mind getting your hands dirty


Alternator replaced.

Exhaust hangar fell off. Welded back on.

Dry CV joint, driveshaft replaced.

Head gasket blew.

Water pump leaked, replaced.

Clutch replaced.

Seized brake caliper, both front calipers/pipes/disks replaced.

Brake master cylinder and vacuum servo replaced.

Perished vacuum pipes, all renewed.

Gearbox oil seals leaking.

Passenger door seal leaked once and filled the car with water, but it was a one-off.

Included wheel brace snapped off at the business end.

Both front fog lamps rusted away to nothing. Replaced after I gently rolled into the side of the office one day and destroyed them...

Lacquer peeling off bonnet.

Speakers rotted, replaced.

Rice *everywhere* when bought (don't think this counts, but...).

General Comments:

The above list should tell you I bought a banger! However, despite that, as a first car I would still recommend this to anyone.

These cars are immense fun to drive when you've been used to plodding along in driving school diesel clios for the last 6 months, it's a totally different experience.

These cars are best suited to driving around town/A-roads due to their short gear ratios, which give excellent acceleration. The engine is lively and doesn't lack power at all, although it can be stubborn when first started, always requiring choke even if it's only been switched off for a few minutes.

It handles motorway cruising nicely once you get used to the obscenely high revs (which it seems to have *no* problem with) and it's not the quietest of rides, but doesn't ever feel unstable even when cruising around 100+mph. It's got me up and down the country many times with no problems.

Handling in the dry is excellent and predictable, it goes where you point it with a little sideways drift if you push it, it doesn't spin out or plough into a verge. Watch the back end around roundabouts in the wet though.

The interior is functional, but basically there to cover up the metal and wires. There's a nice cd-sized cubby hole under the stereo though.

The seats in this one are grey corduroy-ish ones which I haven't seen on another XS before so I'm not sure if they are standard, but they used to come in 405s so may have been transplanted. They are the most comfortable seats I have sat in so far!

So, although many things have gone wrong, It has never refused to take me anywhere. I still love this car (and am now a very proficient 205 mechanic...).

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Review Date: 29th March, 2005

1990 Peugeot 205 Roland Garros 1.4 from UK and Ireland




Brake pipes Corroded.

Wear and tear on the drivers seat.

Fog light dead.

Headlights insecure (missing clips)

Few other minor things.

General Comments:

One amazing car, I've drove many cars before, yet this seems to just be perfect.

One thing I've noticed is you actually feel like your driving the car, rather with more modern ones it feels like the car drives you.

Extremely Quick for a 1.4, especially on the mark, Would probably beat any boy racer loony on the road :)

Nice car features as well, These include, Alarm, Central locking, Electric windows, Sunroof.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2004

1990 Peugeot 205 XS 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Quick, but expect parts to fail


3 clutch cables.

New seats.


2 engine mounts.

Alternator fell off!

Wiring loom.

Choke plate.

General Comments:

Right, this car is very very quick for what it is. I push this car very hard on a daily basis, hence a lot of problems with consumable parts.

The car will beat bigger engine cars up to about 70-90, but if you are racing round town, then you will munch them, I raced a Lotus Elise 1.8 and killed it, and a 320 BMW and killed it! But to be honest, this car becomes annoying. It's a bit like my girlfriend. One week everything will be going OK, then the next everything will seem to go wrong!

My 205 is lowered 60mm on Avo adjustables, and on GTI 1.9 alloys with Pirelli P6000s, and it does handle well, but if you are proper taking a roundabout, the back end does get a bit jiggy.

Other mods are straight through Janspeed system with 4 inch back box.

It's quick, but I am not making this up, something has gone wrong on this car every week! I am not joking when I say this!

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Review Date: 13th November, 2004

15th Nov 2004, 15:02

I don't think so how the hell could you beat a 1.8L Lotus Elise. it must have bin in top gear at about 20 mph and you must have bin in 1st. so you reckon a 1.4L 75 HP can beat a 120 HP lotus Elise which 0-60 mph in 5.9 seconds and 1.4L 205 12.2. he musn't have been racing you.

2nd Dec 2004, 03:02

If you acquired a car with 120000 on it and then do another 30000 of course it will go wrong!if you pay jack for it you will get a bad car. On the other hand you are exaggerating with the speed!

I will ignore your review and buy a decent 205 XS as they have the same engine as a Citroen Ax GT with half the insurance! :D.

30th Sep 2005, 13:12

I bought a 205 XS with 108 000 miles, and it hasn't caused me any problems in the last 15000.

Even if things do go wrong you can hardly complain with a 15 year old car, I drove new pugs all summer as a test driver and none could hold a candle to it for entertainment, and certainly not the fact that it cost me 400 quid.

By the way, the XS doesn't have 75 bhp, that's the engine from the other 1.4 205's, the XS has a twin choke carb that gives 85bhp, more if you fit a decent air filter - not a massive difference granted, but more than significant in a sub-900kg car.

Not a chance in hell of getting a Lotus Elise to race a 205 XS in the town either, why would they bother?