1990 Peugeot 205 GT 1.4 from UK and Ireland


A clever man's GTi


A list of parts and faults my 205's had in the last two years (20,000)! and before you ask, I am not a nutter!

2 engines.

3 gear boxes.

3 sets of CV joints.

1 diff.

2 sets of drive shafts.

1 carb.

2 ball joints.

2 brake cylinders.

1 entire ignition system.

General Comments:

The coachwork is in really good nick, and the interior looks young.

Gets through tires quick if used properly!

This car is quick, 89 BHP from a 1400 engine makes it one of the highest standard 1400 engines of its day.

Insurance is cheap, and economy better than the 1.6.

Only 1/10 of a second slower 0-60 than the 1.6 GTi.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2001

4th Jun 2001, 18:48

How can you get thru' 3 sets of CV joints and 2 sets of driveshafts when the CV joints are fixed to the driveshafts and can't be replaced separately?

21st Jun 2001, 20:18

Nope - CV joints can be replaced without driveshafts on all 205s!

1990 Peugeot 205 GRD 1.8 diesel from UK and Ireland


A very cheap, reliable runabout


Clutch cable snapped at 98K.

Interior becoming slightly worn.

New clutch after 100K.

General Comments:

Very reliable and economic (60mpg on motorways).

Good cornering, good driver visibility.

Acceleration underwhelming.

No rust on panels, but has problems with electro-chemical corrosion on the metal - different metal joints in the engine bay, under the wings etc...

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Review Date: 28th February, 2001

1990 Peugeot 205 GTi 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


1990 205 1.6 145k - 800ukp. Runs A1 and more!


New driveshaft.

2 ball joints.

Blowing exhaust.

Failed fog/driving lamps.

Worn seat bolsters.

Rough idling.

Starter motor failure.

Alternator may be a bit dodgy (checking later).

Flimsy bodywork.

General Comments:

Although you have just read a list of problems the car has thrown at me, don't let it put you off. I have had it now 5 days and I absolutely love it. I've changed all the plugs and leads, replaced the cap, arm, stat and starter (all easy for a DIY mechanic except the starter which required the removal of the inlet system).

There is a renowned problem with these cars with super rough idling and running which may need investigating. Mine was a simple bolt which had shook out hence letting too much air in on tickover. Full tuneup cured it and now she runs A1.

It has done a run round the earth 5 times looking at the speedo, but there is no smoke or noise.

Cheap to run and repair if you know a bit about cars. The engines are easy to work on and even easier to boost up. Various outlets sell products which help tickover problems and other glitches. Also they are easy modded, but avoid ones that have had a boy racer encounter (most of them)!

These cars made Peugeot what they are today, and for that honour, they are given a super high regard by all.

It's true they shame big cars in their handling, but, if you leather it into a corner and realise you ain't got the bottle, the second you come off the throttle the rear end will be leading the race into the bend and you have to pray thereafter.

Bulbs always pop on the dash and the speedo gearing can cause problems (especially if an internal cog shatters, driveshaft removal needed!)

Mine cost peanuts as the garage thought there were major problems with it, but it is fine after a little TLC.

Try others - then these, you won't find a better car than this if performance, style and safety is what you're after.

I'm hooked!!

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Review Date: 16th February, 2001

26th Jul 2001, 12:00

I thought this was a spot on review of the super quick 205 GTi. I have had mine for a year and I've never looked back although I did find I had to replace the CV joints four times, but that's a small price to pay.

4th Jul 2002, 19:12

You're spot-on about the engine running roughly. My 1988 CTi engine idles badly when cold & has a nasty habit of stalling for the 1st 10-15 minutes. I'm about to take the car to a mechanic shortly, but I think it needs an injection specialist.