1999 Peugeot 206 GLX 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Good, but unreliable


Engine light will come on, and car will judder and sometimes cut out when pulling off or changing gear. It then may not re-start for 5/10 minutes.

General Comments:

I feel that the car itself is a nice smooth car to drive, and the gear changes are good.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2008

1999 Peugeot 206 GTi 16v 2.0 liter petrol from UK and Ireland


Fast if you like going in straight lines


Handling was really poor when I bought it; this was due to a damaged anti-roll up-link bar (completely corroded and disconnected!) Also, it had a badly damaged strut (which meant I couldn't push this car around a round-a-bout without the body rolling 30 degrees!)

There is a sound of rattling over every bump; coming from either poorly attached number plates, or the stupid spare wheel (being under the car instead of securely inside the car).

There are also rattles from the manifold (possibly). This was a common problem on this particular car, from what I've seen in forums. It requires the manifold to be removed and spot welded, or a replacement manifold!

General Comments:

Generally, it's an OK car - that's it. I still own it, although I'm thinking of selling it even though I've spent a fortune getting the suspension corrected on it.

In a straight line, it does go well. I'm fairly impressed with it, by how quickly it seems to get from 0-60, and by how well it carries on pulling after I've reached over 100.

It has comfy seats. The driving position isn't that important to me, because you get used to your seat. I have driven worse!

Handling, even after the work on it, seems to be a real letdown. I've had mine for around 6 months and it still seems to feel like it is going to let go if I try to corner while racing. It is twitchy and I don't trust it. Maybe it won't let go and I should push it a little harder, but who wants to take risks like that if it means trashing your car? I've always had Vauxhall before now; Corsa SRi + GSi and also a Calibra 2l Sport, and both of those were excellent; you point it where you want it and it goes there - no questions asked! With this car, you edge it to where you want it, and cling on!

The interior is nice, and even though its only plastic, it is still well set out and all functions OK. I've heard of people having squeaky dashboard syndrome, but mine seems fine.

Outside, it is still just "OK". Mine is in mint condition, but apart from tiny GTi badges, it looks a bit like any other 206. The only things that really makes mine stand out are the nice metallic paint job, and the imported LEDs I've got on the back.

I would modify it more extensively, but at the end of the day it is still the same car underneath!

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Review Date: 25th March, 2008

1999 Peugeot 206 GLX 1.6 8v from UK and Ireland


Pleasure to look at, pain to maintain


Gear linkages (common problem) went wrong 6 months after purchase, cost £100 with labour to fix.

The the earth cable went 6 months after that, was initially diagnosed (£90), replaced (£40).

Then the dials went cost a whacking £450 to replace from Peugeot (last time I ever went there).

Battery went flat, cost £60 to put a new one in.

Car was OK after all this funnily enough, have had to change the drivers side drive-shaft because it was making a clicking noise while locking the wheels (£160 from my garage).

Brake pads and discs were also changed although this is pretty normal.

General Comments:

Funnily enough the vast amount of problems occurred 1 year down the line of buying it! I've had it for over three years and I must list a few good points about it.

Firstly, this is beautiful car. It's drive is bad, it rolls and it isn't the fastest thing in the world, but every time you look at it, you want to be in it. It is one of the very few unisex cars that still looks like it was designed today, even though it was made over 10 years ago.

Seats are OK, yes the driving position and pedals can be awkward to some, and I am nearly 6ft, but its manageable.

Gearbox is slightly clunky and gear changes could be faster. 0-60 is just over 12 seconds with the 5door which is okay for an old car, could be faster. (106 models have the same engine with an extra 8 horses).

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Review Date: 28th January, 2008