26th Jul 2009, 17:36

The engine in the GTi 180 is the Sport Clio 182 unit, which means it is reliable. I've had two 172's (the same engine with a different manifold and fuel map) and a highly modified 182 with throttle bodies and cams on 98k miles, the other two had similar miles in standard form, and you know what? Not one failure on any of them, even the modified one with 260bhp, I modified that at 93k miles as well, so to say they're not very good is totally incorrect.

As for 40 bhp from a chip, not really likely, I think my modified 182 got around 15 bhp just from a chip before the throttle bodies went on, then it went much higher.

They are hard engines to extract power from with just bolt on parts, but proper bits like cams etc. really do turn the engine into a monster (reliable too). Great track car the Clio, but the 206 is a bit heavy for the engine to be as enjoyable.

28th Jul 2009, 12:56

Actually the engine in the Clio 182 and the engine in the Pug are completely different. You're thinking they share engines, but they don't. It's Peugeot and Citroen that sometimes share engines, not Renault.

21st Aug 2009, 01:14

For the Pug Mechanic... the engine is almost unbreakable... to gain 40 hp easy... the engine is shared with the Citroen C4. The 130KW version and was developed by Lotus... the engine can do much more than 180 HP if tuned right and slow my @$$... check track times and you will see.

21st Aug 2009, 04:55

So you think you can gain 40hp with a chip and exhaust system on a not very good 2 litre engine???

These engines are far from unbreakable, they had lots of issues in coming up with this engine with overheating especially. This was before they came into production though, so in standard form they are OK, but seriously apart from the usual compromises that every car manufacturer makes to cost, noise levels, reliability and fuel economy, this engine is nothing special. In fact every review of them compared to its competition places it last!!

23rd Aug 2009, 08:52

Peugeot delayed the launch of this engine time and time again, the reason?... they kept snapping crankshafts!

That's unheard of in an engine only producing 180bhp.

This is just a standard gti engine modified to produce the higher bhp figure, which is why it's on the limit of its capabilities already.

14th Sep 2009, 11:26

Engine was detuned to 180bhp at the fly because of snapping of the crankshafts, it will take more. Quite a few muddled facts on here.

14th Sep 2009, 16:36

Even if that were true and they were aiming for say 200bhp, but like you say they detuned it to 180 bhp to keep from snapping crankshafts, do you really think these engines can take much more if they start breaking at 200bhp? I think not.

1st Oct 2009, 13:27

I own a 180, had it for over half a year now after upgrading from a 1.6 8v Pug. In its standard form it is pretty slow going!

I took it to my local tuning centre, and the rolling road produced 168bhp and only 140lb/ft of torque at the flywheel. The car came with a Powerflow exhaust.

Apparently, most of the 180's are between 165-170bhp standard. Peugeot actually quote 174bhp (130kW) standard for this engine so it's not 180bhp.

We added a special made induction kit designed for the car and mapped it twice. It made runs of 186hp and 187hp with 162lb/ft and 164lb/ft of torque respectively. This is quite a large increase and highlights perhaps that Peugeot have indeed downtuned the engine.

After the second map a few months later, we RR the car again and this time the results were very confusing.

First run: 200.1hp, 173lb/ft

Second Run: 198hp, 171lb/ft.

Third run: 191hp, 170lb/ft.

I'd rather take the smaller figures, but at 190hp in a car that weighs a mere 1100kg, it shifts like no ones business! Beats the Clio 182 (apparently 179hp standard although never makes this figure), Civic Type R (higher torque than Civic, so the Civic keeps up and then drops back again). I held the RX8 to about 50mph where it slowly started pulling away...

The engine can easily make more power. The 207 S2000 has the same block and makes 280hp. We are looking at redesigning the exhaust and manifold system to reach a constant 200hp...

24th Nov 2009, 16:00

A customer came into my workshop asking to tune up a EW10 J4 S (GTi 180 engine). We tested the engine and it was producing 177.4bhp standard (every engine produces a different amount of power due to wear and tear, air temp, air quality, fuel quality, oil quality, spark plug condition, high altitude and so on).

The engine block is almost the same as the standard GTi block. The crank is more fine balanced (oh and by the way, it's a very strong crankshaft so if you manage to break one, you just can't drive). The head is almost the same as the Honda Type-R head (200bhp) with a vvt inlet camshaft. The head is also ported and polished with the valves seated better. It has a tuned inlet tuned by Alutech for better flow with a huge throttle body (bigger than some high performance cars e.g Toyota Supra, Nissan Skyline), and an oil cooling system is also integrated into the inlet manifold (very good cooling system on this engine) cold air is passed over the oil cooler tank. The exhaust manifold is a 4-2-1 system.

The GTi 180 engine runs very well on a stand alone management system, producing around 240bhp. With other modifications, this car WILL produce max 297bhp aspirated and was done by me and my company. The engine I built was used in the 207 2008 WRC rally car. This engine is one of the hundreds of engines I have had pleasure building.

In all this engine is one of the best 2.0L aspirated engine out there today, alongside with the Honda's Type-R engine.

Oh and people who think the 206 understeers, try letting off the power, it will then oversteer. 25 years of tuning shows you that. =)

6th Dec 2009, 09:45

A Clio 182 or Civic Type R are quicker as standard than a standard Pug 180. If you modded the Clio and Civic, you would have no chance in the Pug, so it doesn't make the others rubbish because you've had to mod your Pug to get it quicker.

Plus Saxos don't have better interiors than the 182, the 182 is a drivers car. Plus the 206 has always remained slightly girly. Renault hot hatches are way better.

28th Dec 2009, 12:53

To the gentleman who tuned the engine to that power. I would be very interested to have a chat as I would like to tune my engine also. BTW, I'm the previous poster with 190bhp...

9th Jan 2010, 09:38

To the guy who mentioned modification of cars. I never said the Renault or the Civic are rubbish. What you need to understand is the context of these cars. Renault's '182' is actually quite bloated, weighing in pretty much the same as the 206. Both cars are seriously underpowered compared to their advertised figures - the Renault is supposed to be 166bhp and the Peugeot 174bhp; in reality they both never make their advertised figures.

The Civic is quite a dull car to look at and be in, it has no air conditioning or climate control whereas the Renault and Peugeot do. Sure it has about 160whp (190bhp they don't make their 197 figures either), but you lose luxuries and even so it still weighs nearly 1200kg and has very little low end torque to compensate for the weight.

The one I'd go for if I didn't care about luxuries would be the 172 and modify from there. At 1010kg it's the lightest of the bunch and the most chuckable round bends.

All three cars can be driven well, and I am sure all three would put a smile on their owners faces if driven properly.

Oh, and I own a 180 myself.