13th Dec 2012, 16:40

To the fella with the 297 BHP 206 GTi 180. Could we get in touch somehow, as I have a 180 and I'm doing it up myself, but a lot of garages I speak to don't know much about tuning these cars.


13th Sep 2013, 07:30

Hi, I'm very interested in your work. Can you send me an email to kitas.pastas@inbox.lt. I have a C4 VTS 180 and want modify it.


4th Mar 2015, 15:19

How much roughly did it cost to tune to 297 BHP?

16th May 2017, 12:28

Re: the post on 24th Nov 2009, 16:00.

Hopeful, I know, but:

Up front, I've got to say, I'm quite skeptical about the gains you're quoting. But I'd be delighted for you to be proved right.

For 240bhp, I'd be expecting to replace cams, injectors, throttle body and run a stand-alone ECU. For it to last more than 5 minutes and for anything like 297bhp, I'd imagine a forged bottom end would be essential.

But, this is all guesswork. If you've done it and don't mind telling me how, please let me know. That goes for anybody else that knows anything about decent gains from this engine. I'll be building mine from scratch, so replacing parts isn't a problem. Crazy prices are, but I'd cost it all before I started.


Cheers, Jim.