23rd Mar 2003, 21:18

With regards to the indicator problem : just drive in a straight line.

1st Dec 2003, 02:54

I bought a 206 from your agent, and my car caught fire while I was driving it on 11th April 2003, and the fire started near the fuel tank.

My car is still in the workshop without any action taken.

Chassis number: vf32ak6e241696620

First registered: October 2001

No spare part or followup from the dealer.

8th Jul 2004, 20:54

I've been buying Peugeot cars for more than 25 years. The 206 is a major disappointment in its performance and reliability. I own a 406, a 306 and a 206 The 206 is an unending tale of woes. The car either misfires, stalls for no apparent reason, has to be warmed up before take off on mornings and even then can't make the little incline from my garage. It sticks between gears and blinks blinks blinks while it struggles to move, so you have to switch off the car and start again. It may happen again three or four times during the first 100 yards of driving. Now it has developed spontaneous surges of acceleration in addition to all those other problems. We have taken this car back to the dealership here in Trinidad several times and each time they say they have fixed it, but the problem continues. We next thought we should write to Peugeot in France, but after reading that they don't take responsibility for the faulty cars, it seems a dead loss. I'm so afraid to stick someone else with this 206. Today we got so frustrated we thought of writing a letter to each newspaper in the island - after that no one would every buy a 206 again. I'm so disappointed in this car. It has made a big chip in my Peugeot loyalty.

3rd Dec 2004, 09:01

I excitedly bought my 206cc in April 2001. However, after 9 months the gears began to stick, which continued until the reverse gear had to be double-clutched before any movement could take place. Despite a new clutch being installed by my local Peugeot dealer, the problem has not been solved. However, my local dealer tells me that Peugeot's are just like that. I fail to understand how this is so, as my car started off as a pleasure to drive, but apparently cannot be fixed. Please advise.

20th Dec 2004, 11:48

My girlfriend has just phoned me, almost in tears, to tell me the headlights on her 2002 Peugeot 206 aren't working. If there wasn't a history I'd say this was an unlucky, isolated event...

After purchase of the car (new, from a dealer) she had to have the indicator module replaced at least 5 times (I don't remember exactly how many) before finally receiving one that remained working.

Since the first visit to the service centre, the computer has occasionally added miles to the clock - approximately 70 at a time. The car went to a service centre who spent a couple of days trying to ID the problem. Eventually, it was traced to a problem in the ECU. Apparently, the use of the central locking mechanism triggered the miles to be added, although not regularly enough to make it obvious it was happening. A new ECU was ordered (or at least a software update - I'm a bit sketchy on the details here) This seemed to solve the problems.

Tonights failure of the headlights coincides with a failure of the central locking system. The service interval on the car is 20,000 miles which is impressive, but the car is only 14 months old and has paid at least 10 visits to service centres already.

I shalln't offer any patronising "advice" but the above is a true record of my experiences. It would appear that other's have had similar experiences.

Good luck.

Robert White.

12th Mar 2005, 10:03

I bought an '02 206 back in Jan this year. What is this indicator problem exactly? Mine keeps canceling (mechanically) if the steering wheel is straightened slightly when cornering, is this the fault you speak of here?

20th May 2005, 05:28

I bought a 206 1.4LX a month ago (second hand) only 2 1/2 years old and I'm having problems with my indicators. They are not working. Sometimes they do sometimes they don't. I took it back to the garage and they said unless they are permanently not working there's nothing they can do. I'm worried as this is quite dangerous when I'm driving. What should I do? Should I take to a proper Peugeot garage or what?

5th May 2006, 18:23

My 2000 pug 206 lx has started indicating left when I am driving. its geting worse and doing it on every journey now. any ideas what the problem is?


12th Aug 2006, 15:25

With regards to the Peugeot 206 indicating left when driving straight, mine had the same problem and I managed to sort it myself.

Peugeot wanted £80 for a new indicator stalk and I wasnt prepared to pay that.

You need to remove the steering column housing (2 screws from the bottom) then remove the 2 screws that hold the switch block in. the switch will then pull out by sliding it left. unclip the 2 wire block connectors to completely remove the switch.

To open the switch block up I used 3 flat head jewellers screwdrivers. slide between the two plastic parts to undo the clips on each side. you need to remove both sides to the switch box in order to clean the contacts.

The problem of the car indicating left is caused by grease shorting out the circuit in the switch box. once the box is open you will see the contact rails and contacts. I used a cotton, but to remove all the grease from any metal parts. do not remove the grease from the plastic parts or the switch will be damaged over time.

Simply put the switch block back together and the car will not indicate on its own again.

31st Jul 2007, 06:34

I just fixed my continuous flicker. I removed the stick, opened the unit and reseated the flicker contact. It is a flimsy plastic contact that when you see it you will be sure to understand why this is a problem. Saved myself some bucks.

18th Nov 2007, 04:48

I've got a pug 206 1.1 LX, and I've had nothing but problems with it; the coil pack went twice, the indicator arm went, and now there's a big leak in the car.


29th Aug 2008, 14:36

I got a Peugeot 206 in 2003 brand new. Since then I have had 7 indicator comms fitted. 2 of which they have lost the details of.

I’m now about to go to the small claim courts to see if I can get a new one as Peugeot say it is not their problem, even though I have had the problems from the start.

So any information I can get to help my case I would be grateful for as this is a case of Samson v Goliath.


4th Jun 2011, 05:41

If you want to fix it if your gear pipe is adjustable, you need to adjust it. If not, then replace rubbers.