1994 Peugeot 306 XRDT 1.9 turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


Great on open wining roads, but not so great as a town car


Two cooling fans replaced. This was expensive because the whole front bumper assembly and grille needed to be removed.

Three sets of glow plugs.

Battery was incorrectly sized when delivered. It took four batteries in four years to find the correctly sized battery. Thanks to Mr Exide's web site.

Rear brake cylinders failed (weeped).

Turbo pipes cracked.

Front shock absorbers weep.

General Comments:

Fast agile car. Better on hills and in turns any other car I've owned.

Dray in town at low speeds.

Steering too heavy at low speeds.

Clutch very heavy.

Needs to be kept in the "power band", that is above 1800 rpm to get the best performance.

Comfortable and pleasant to drive on long trips, but wants to sit at 130 kph!

Still on first clutch.

Very good wear on upholstery with no real signs of wear.

Paint work still in reasonable condition, and if it is unlucky enough to get a clean, still looks stunning.

Seats are comfortable and hold the body position well under heavy cornering.

Although this model does not have many bells and whistles, it is generally very balanced in the factory settings such as the dashboard illuminance, and windscreen wiper interval speed.

Good even tyre wear. These have always been Michelin MXV3A and have achieved in excess of 60,000 km per set.

The car generally has resisted eight and a half years of tough, driving. It responds well to a good trash every now and again. I think it looks forward to it.

Still hold the New Zealand land speed record for diesel cars!

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Review Date: 29th November, 2002

25th Apr 2008, 03:23

I wrote this review at the end of 2002 and today (end of April 2008) I still have the car and now done 357,000km in it. Still on the first clutch and still enjoy the drive. I haven't noticed any drop off in performance since I've had it, but the engine does seem more lose and revs more freely.

1994 Peugeot 306 XND 19 diesel from UK and Ireland


A sporty looking three door diesel!


Thin key has a weak point which snapped easily in the drivers door lock which required replacing.

Rear Brakes failed from leaking wheel cylinders which leaked onto the brakes shoes.

Off-side Ball Joint failed M.O.T on excessive play.

Near-side Wishbone failed M.O.T on excessive play.

Stiff accelerator pedal (required new cable)

Exhaust Center Box and Down pipe rusted out and required replacing.

General Comments:

The Peugeot 306 looks fantastic from the outside and also looks incredibly sporty in the three door version. It's modern looks also make it age slowly and an early example looks much newer than it actually is.

The 306's handling is faultless on any bend.

The 1.9 diesel engine can be fairly sluggish on acceleration, but once it's up to speed copes very well particularly on motorways. A very torquey engine which requires less gear changes at low speeds than any previous petrol car I have owned.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2002

20th Apr 2005, 04:15

I think that the Peugeot 306 XND is a good wee car, brilliant for pulling trailers and there is only one problem, streamy windows.

20th Apr 2005, 09:14

The most reliable car I have ever owned, my 306XND has now got 178K miles on the clock, was rarely serviced by previous owners and in the last two years has done around 15K miles by me and the engine is still running in perfect condition. Slow acceleration, however continues to accelerate at a steady rate all the way to a hundred mph due to high torque figures, be gentle on the clutch when setting off and changing gear as the torque of the engine may weaken the drive shafts, even in low revs. Comfortable to drive, the steering will build your muscles up mind...

24th Jan 2009, 06:31

Very good car, handles very well, can take a lot of abuse and still drive the same! Never let me down. But I do agree it is a slow car but is very economical! Definitely recommend.