26th Jun 2003, 05:01

I have a Peugeot 306 Meridien (2000)

Yesterday it would not start for 2 hours (although warm) After 2 hours waiting for the breakdown services I turned the key and it started as if there was no problem.Does anyone know if this is a common fault and what causes it? I rang Peugeot who said they did not know and to bring it down.

2nd Jul 2003, 06:19

I have the same problems of intermittent non-starting with my 306 Hdi Meridian. New in April 2001 it went well until August 2002 (although I had a front nearside wheel bearing replaced at 26,000). After a long run, on a hot day I stopped for shopping. When I got back - 20 minutes later, I had difficulty starting it. This problem got worse and worse and since that time it has been into the dealers 5 times. They still haven't been able to resolve the problem - I now have only 10 months left on warranty. Brilliant car when it starts!!!

3rd Mar 2004, 08:50

I have a 1999 V reg Meridian, and although I do love it to mine has just started experiencing the problems mentioned. If I run it for a while-stop-and then try to start it again, it either starts (just about) chugs like mad as if the fuel line is blocked, revs up really high on its own, which then doesn't stop unless you turn the ignition off and if you do then it won't start again. I am having it looked at soon by my mechanic, but if he can't find the problem on his laptop then it will be a trip to Peugeot : (which I am not looking forward to.!!

14th Dec 2005, 17:11

Well 3 years on and I'm still driving my 306. I don't have a bad word to say about her - I have only replaced tyres and brake pads (and an exhaust clamp costing £6) and she sails through the MOTs. I am very particular and have her serviced every 10,000 miles and the main dealer I go to are just fantastic and so honest. Not once has she left me by the side of the road or even had a slight niggle and I have put nearly 40,000 on the clock.

I'm pretty sure I'll be driving this car for many more years to come as I just fall more in love with her everyday.

21st May 2006, 09:56

My 2001 Peugeot 306 SW has recently developed problems in starting when the engine is cold. Once it starts there are no problems for the rest of the day. It behaves exactly like a car in which the automatic choke is not working and with this in mind I took it to the Peugeot garage, only to be told that it does not have a choke. At different times these steps were taken: They checked the injectors (they were not blocked) ; changed the sparkplugs; I added injector cleaning fluid to the petrol; replaced the battery with a new one; had the new battery tested by the manufacturers - all without any improvement - the problem is worsening. I welcome suggestions.

2nd Nov 2006, 07:25

I've got a 1.6 Meridian. Beautiful car to drive and good on fuel. Mine has a problem with the idle. This is a common fault where the stepper motor (idle control valve needs to be changed)

Apart from that great to drive.

6th May 2007, 08:20

Hi, well I have just taken the plunge and bought a Peugeot 306 Meridian 1.8.

After reading this and other sites, i am somewhat apprehensive about buying it.

It is a 2001 Y reg with 57000 miles on the clock, the interior and bodywork are spotless, and it comes with a 12months M.O, T.

And a 3month warranty (not a lot I know)

From the time I drive it off the forecourt I will keep this site updated with the performance of the car, i am not a mechanic, but I have been driving for over 40yrs...and will give a honest and unbiased opinion of the car.

11th May 2007, 16:26

I've got a 1.4 2000 3006 LX which just needed a new heater matrix, I've put the hold car back together and it now will not start? It turns over, but nothing else anyone got any ideas many thanks.

13th May 2007, 05:12

I came to the conclusion a long time ago that there isn't a back street cowboy car repair outfit anywhere in the country that is any worse than the Peugeot dealer network. A friend had to replace his complete engine because the "technician" snapped an alternator mount off the block when changing the auxiliary belt, and then tried to cover it up by overtightening the other bolts to compensate. The car made it 20 miles before breaking down.

I had my own car returned to me eight times with one fault repeatedly unfixed / "tested OK", the car once was returned with 50 miles added to it, and one time to diagnose a problem, they left it idling all day, using half a tank of fuel, and then said there was no problem. I tried four dealers within reasonable distance of me, and they were all as bad as each other. They tried to put every warranty claim down to misuse, and the simplest things had to be argued and fought for. It was a nightmare.

On top of all this, I got to pay £70 an hour for the privilege.

One of my work colleagues had a 306 of the same year, and with the same engine as mine. Mine was serviced officially within the dealer network, and his by a local Peugeot independent specialist. His car suffered from a fraction of the problems mine did over three years, and ran and drove far better at equivalent mileages.

I haven't so much as sat in another Peugeot since. Apart from the current range of cars not appealing very much, I just don't need the hassle of getting them serviced and fixed any more. No wonder they aren't selling many cars in the UK any more.

26th Jun 2007, 14:33

My Peugeot 306 Meridian Y reg has been a great car, but last Summer it developed starter problems. These were very irregular; I would drive somewhere, leave the car for an hour, then try to start it and it would refuse to start. I would leave it sometimes for half an hour or even five minutes, and then it would start as if nothing was wrong at all!

I fiddled with the key thinking it was something in the steering wheel column, and it continued to be difficult for the rest of the Summer. The problem seemed to disappear, and over the winter I had no trouble at all, but now the summer is back, so is the starting problem again.

8th Nov 2007, 15:55

Sounds like you have an air leak in the fuel system somewhere. The usual culprit is the fuel filter, as this is the only real part that gets disturbed. Check the drain cock is done up tight, and all hoses and seals are securely located.

17th Nov 2010, 15:14

Hi, I have an X-reg 1.4 306 Meridian. The problem I am having is poor running and over fueling; worse when cold. The engine will choke up and stall. After restarting, a strong smell of fuel comes from the exhaust. The injectors have been checked and seem to be OK any advice? The CO is currently at about 3%.

19th Aug 2011, 08:16

I have a 306 estate 2001 model, and have had it for two years trouble free. However the engine light has started to come on, and my mechanic put it on the computer and it said injector no. 2 was faulty. He replaced this, albeit with a second hand part, and the problem is still there; it can drive fine with no warning light coming on, and then other times it comes on and continually flashes at me. I've put injector cleaner through the petrol to try flush it out, and it's booked back in with mechanic next week. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem? Don't want to get rid of car, as I really enjoy driving it.

24th Jun 2013, 18:25

I have similar issues with my V reg 306 Meridian. It starts from cold or if hot, but if I start and stop, and try to start again, it struggles and chugs unless I rev hard and it chucks out smoke. My new problem is that it loses power and appears to be misfiring. The AA said it needed a new coil pack, but I changed that, and that has not helped. Now it gets warm, idles and chucks out lots of white smoke with a rich petrol smell, and runs terribly. Does anyone have any ideas?

21st Jul 2015, 12:06

Engine doesn't start. Check spark plugs, fuel, electric systems, and filters.