2000 Peugeot 306 LX 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Love the way it looks, but will change it when the warranty runs out this November


Windscreen wiper motor has been changed twice.

Clutch cable sticking after only 13000 miles.

Petrol guage unreliable.

Trigger wires on front airbag failed.

General Comments:

Looks good!

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Review Date: 1st June, 2003

2000 Peugeot 306 Meridian 1.8i 16v from UK and Ireland


Excellent car, Go Pug Go!


Nothing has gone wrong with the car, I did take it Peugeot because I was a little unhappy with the brakes, but there was no problem, and they checked it, cleaned & valeted it as well for me which I was very pleased about.

General Comments:

I have only had it 7 months, but it has been brilliant. The 1.8 16v engine has bags of poke, the car really hugs the road when you throw it about, it is pretty good on fuel and very comfortable too. The car has a very high spec, with air con, half leather, electric windows/mirrors & CD changer which I was very pleased with it as it is only my second car. Insurance is fairly cheap for me too considering I'm a 19 year old girl! It is a good looking car with side skirts, and front fog lights and in diablo red really finishes it off. I love this car, well done Peugeot for making a star car.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2003

20th May 2003, 13:46

If you plan to keep the car for a while (and why not, it's a nice one), make sure you have the oil changed at every service (10,000 miles) rather than at every other service (20,000 miles) which Peugeot suggest. My own 1.8 (GLX model) is starting to suffer from engine problems at 70,000 miles which an independent specialist has blamed on lack of oil changes. The engine is becoming rattly and rough sounding, as it if has done 170,000 miles. Yet my car has a full Peugeot service history.

Have the oil changed every service and you should avoid these problems. These extended oil services were done purely to appease fleet managers who want to save every penny possible on maintenance. The idea is that the fleet is well shot of the car before the resulting problems start. I'm looking at a very expensive engine rebuild for the sake of saving a grand total of about £200 over the life of the car. Don't make the same mistake.

2000 Peugeot 306 GTi-6 2.0 16v petrol from UK and Ireland


Awesome to drive, awful to own


Clutch became snatchy and noisy at 4,000 miles. Replaced under warranty and no problems afterwards.

Airbag wiring problem caused the warning light to blink constantly. This was never properly fixed.

Button fell out of the central locking remote key.

External temperature sensor in passenger mirror replaced twice and still wildly inaccurate.

Rattles and squeaks from glovebox, footwell trim, parcel shelf, seats and steering column.

Two major oil leaks, one of which wrecked an engine mount.

Two ignition coil failures resulting in the car running on 3 cylinders on two separate occasions.

Engine would sometimes "hunt" at idle, revving itself between 800 and 1500 RPM in traffic. It was also prone to stalling when cold. Dealer could not find any faults.

Sometimes difficult to start from cold with the engine grinding over and over before spluttering into life. Other times it would start first go.

Irritating gearbox whine from about 2,000 miles which was apparently "normal"

General Comments:

Probably the best hot hatch ever made, but a total dog of a car to live with.

Too many stupid problems, inept dealers (I tried three and they were all the same), and no backup whatsoever from Peugeot's so-called customer service people.

It was a very quick car, but you needed to work it very hard to get at the performance (it would actually rev to almost 8,000 RPM). The handling was amazing and I still don't think the 306 has been equalled for driving fun, even by Peugeot themselves. The eye opening turn-in and the lift-off oversteer characteristics of this car are simply not available anywhere in this market any more and made the GTI-6 the match of much more expensive machinery on a good B-road.

Would I buy another? Sadly, no. Much as I miss its dynamic ability and it's elegant styling, I need a car which works at least 95% of the time, and with dealers who can at least find and fix problems when needed. The GTI-6 fails miserably on both counts. Proves it's not just the British car industry that comes up with fantastic concepts and then destroys them completely in the execution.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2003

2nd Jun 2003, 08:40

I sympathise with all the mechanical problems experienced as mentioned in your review, but I think it is only fair to point out that this is only your personal experience. Although it does seem that you have had more than your fair share of problems, I would just like to say that I have owned a GTi-6 for 3 years now, with no problems, and what a fantastic car. I have just got to the point now where I am looking to trade it in for a newer vehicle, but it is so difficult to find anything to compare! I will probably end up keeping it for another 3 years until some new hot hatch appears on the market. No competition at present.

16th Jul 2003, 03:40

The engine was run in extremely carefully. The running-in rules for Peugeots are vague at best - the handbook just casually suggesting you avoid heavy throttle openings and allowing the engine to labour for the "first few hundred miles".

My own rules were not to take the car over 3,500 RPM or use more than about half throttle for the first 500 miles, then increase the revs by around 500 RPM every 100 miles after that.

I also had the oil and filter changed at the 10,000 mile inspection services as well as the 20,000 mile main services which Peugeot's say is adequate. I'm sorry, but anyone who thinks any engine, let alone a high revving, high specific output one like this will run reliably with 20,000 mile oil change intervals is deluding themselves.

23rd Jul 2003, 03:37

Well it does seem that you have done everything you possibly could have, so I will have to offer you my sympathy.

I know what you mean about Peugeot's servicing requirements, and I don't know anybody who owns one that sticks to it, especially the cam belt intervals (WTF is that all about???).

If you're not already a member, have you come across www.306gti6.com? It's a good site, and if you have any problems, the guys on there can usually help.