2000 Peugeot 306 HDI 2.0 DTurbo from UK and Ireland


Lightening fast, great drive, poor build quality


My drivers door windows fell out.

The air conditioning unit failed causing the interior of the car to flood.

The CD Player stopped working.

The gearbox failed and had to be replaced.

The automatic windscreen wipers failed.

General Comments:

I have owned my Peugeot 306 for almost 6 months now and absolutely love it.

Although a diesel, it is still seriously quick and would leave most cars you see on the road in its tire-tracks. Peugeot have done a fantastic job with the 2 litre HDI Turbo charged engine, it always has more grunt to offer.

The car can achieve a fairly high mpg if driven modestly, but there is a noticable drop in mpg if you like to exercise your right foot a lot.

As the car is essentially a GTi replica (minus the engine), it has all the same specifications and bodywork that the GTi enjoys.

The car is a joy to drive and in my opinion is one of the best handling cars on the road. In terms of enjoyment and being a 'drivers car', it would score 10 / 10.

However, I have been besieged with problems from the very day I bought the car - and am sorry to say that this was the case with my last 306 as well. It seems that many 306 owners are admitting to poor build quality and reliability.

My problems have ranged from a window falling out to a complete gearbox failure. Thankfully for me, the warranty is still running on my car, so it has not cost me anything.

Overall, a fantastic car to drive that will turn heads where-ever you. However, be prepared to put up with the poor build quality and the problems that it will bring.

Although my 306 is staying mine for the near future, my next car will not be another 306!

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Review Date: 19th January, 2003

1st Jul 2003, 08:35

Hi Steve

I have a 306Hdi Meridian new in April 2001. Really love the car, but since July 2002 it has been an intermittent non-starter. I notice it particularly when I have been running it for a few miles/hours then I turn off the engine. I notice that it takes ages to restart - labouring terribly both the starter motor and the battery. On several occasions it hasn't started at all for a few days. It has been in the garage several times. To date: new diesel pumps (high and low pressure), clean out of fuel system and filter. New glow-plugs. A nightmare. I only have 10 months left now so have written to MD of Peugeot UK asking for an extended warranty on this recurring, ongoing problem.

2000 Peugeot 306 Meridian HDi from UK and Ireland


An absolute dog


Rain-sensor unit for the windscreen wipers has been replaced twice and has gone insane again - the wipers flap about wildly in light drizzle.

Random, untraceable faults with the engine that manifest themselves as very poor performance or high fuel consumption.

Front brake discs warped after 30k

Clutch slipping at 36k.

General Comments:

I hate this car! The most annoying fact is that it is a million miles away from the technical specification for performance and economy.

Most of my miles are on the motorway at a steady rate and yet the fuel economy is always below 40 mpg, I typically get about 500 miles from the 13 gallon tank. I've given up on trying to take advantage of the supposed 'bags of torque' because it simply doesn't exist.

Despite numerous trips back to to the dealer since day 1 they can't find anything wrong, although they agree that it is sluggish.

The biggest problem at the moment is that the clutch has started slipping. I don't take part in the traffic light grand prix (what's the point as it accelerates like a glacier?) and I don't sit riding the clutch at traffic lights and in queues. So for a car with only 36k on the clock (most of which is motorway) it is clearly a manufacturing flaw for the clutch to go so soon. Unfortunately the dealer refuses to acknowledge this, instead claiming that a clutch is not a warranty item and so I end up paying.

PS the car is now for sale on ebay if you want it!

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Review Date: 27th November, 2002

12th Jan 2003, 05:05

You are obviously very unlucky. Unfortunately every type of car seems to have it's 'dogs' and you've been sold one of them! It wouldn't be fair to assume that all 306's are of this standard, they certainly aren't, having worked on and driven many of them. Yes, there are better cars around, but the 306 is still a strong contender for what is now a ten year-old design.

19th Sep 2005, 07:32

If the clutch is slipping that explains the poor performance and economy and also why it is dead at 36k.

15th Aug 2009, 07:46

I'm very sad to hear the negative comments... I have a 99 306 with the DW8 that has been used on driving lessons all its life and has well over 200.000 miles on it... most people won't believe me when I tell them it is still on the original clutch! The new one has been sat on the bench in the garage for over three years... I'm not going to fit it until the original one fails... This car drives tight and sounds sweet and is "ten times" the 307 110 that I bought to replace it... the 307 sits in the garage as I continue to work in the faithful old 306.