26th Dec 2004, 17:04

Yeah mate had similar.

Owned the car 18 months, the ECU light lights up regular. Check the codes £25 a shot all the faults are rubbish. The car drives fine with the light on, but each time it logs a fault you don't know until 20 logged and then it won't start until the codes are cleared.

Replaced the battery leads, cleaned all sensor connections no use. I tends to happen on damp or wet days. The local dealers are as much use as a flat tyre.

Solution, browsing the web to buy a link kit for the laptop and then I will be able to clear my own codes.

PS the remote control for the central locking on pugs always resigns after 3-4 years, mine just has this also happened on the 6 406's my old company owned. It's not the keys, but the cars. Anyone a solution to that one?

A current Pugs own of a fast nippy pugs that knows how to empty a wallet. Always keep a tow rope and cell phone in your Pug, you will need them.


20th Jun 2006, 06:03

I wouldn't say it was an immobilser problem, as you state the car is turning over etc.

Could it not be something like the glow plugs?

(apologies if you have already checked them)

26th Jun 2006, 17:39

I brought my Peugeot 306 hdi, but its got problem which is it doesn't have any pull in the car I have get it checked, but there is no electrical problem I don't know what to do with it?

19th Jul 2006, 15:02

I've owned my Pug 306 1.6 Meridian for 18 months now, and have really enjoyed the car itself.

I've had a few problems with the car though.

Air bag light goes on and off on its own. Sometimes it will be on for a few days.

My engine management light comes on once every 2/3 months, drives as good as gold though.

Also got my air conditioning topped up last year. Sometimes it works really well, and sometimes it hardly works at all. I've had it checked and it's still topped up OK.

All things aside, I find the car a really comfortable ride, and overall I'm pleased with it.

9th Aug 2006, 08:43

I've had sometimes problems with starting 306 2.0 HDI. I've replaced fuel pump and it didn't help. The problem was in in-tank fuel pump power relay which is located under ECU, near battery. Maybe this would help.

8th May 2007, 15:30

I have only one problem with my 306 hdi, the rain sensing wipers have decided to take a rest on their way back down pausing about half way. Has anyone else had this problem? by the rest of the comments sounds like I've got off lightly.

23rd May 2007, 18:26

I have a 2000 1.9D 306 and absolutely love him to bits. Had an air valve shut off recently and fuel system flushed, the car must be doing at least 85BHP now, not bad at all for a non-turbo.

However, I want to move onto an HDI.

Stupid question here- is there actually a difference between HDI and HDI Turbo? The reason I ask is because they both have the same 90BHP. If so, which is nicer and FASTER to drive?

G x.

25th Jun 2007, 10:05

Hi All.

I have a year 2000 (W reg) Peugeot 306 XSi which has only done 28K miles.

This weekend, when I tried to unlock the car by using one of the two buttons on the key fob, nothing happened.

When I opened the drivers door by using the key in the lock, only the drivers door opened. Usually when you do this, the central locking opens all of the doors.

When I tried to start the car by turning the key in the ignition full way, the engine cranked (strongly) but it did not start.

I know the car battery is good and I have just changed the battery in the key fob.

What is my problem, can I fix it or does it have to go to a dealership?

Thanks in advance.

22nd Jul 2007, 05:04

I've had my 306 HDI Meridian for 4 years and it's now on 125K. It's a good runner, but has had it's fair share of faults:

Air con - Leaking Pipes and bust condenser

New Clutch this year

Drivers side brake seized

Rain sensor wipers pausing on down-stroke.

I've now got a problem with the engine running rough/erratic especially when cold. It's been in the local garage and they checked the ECU and believed it was a problem with moisture getting in (recent wet weather). They've cleared the errors and 'gelled' the ECU leads and harness (?!)

It did run OK for a week, but the problem has come back. The engine starts rough, then settles and idles fine. If the engine is held at 12000 revs it runs like there's a minor misfire. After a few seconds the ECU attempts to correct this and increases the revs.

It'll have to go back into the garage. I don't know if anyone has had any similar probs? I don't really want to buy the ECU kit for my laptop?!

4th Nov 2007, 00:06

Guys, guys, guys, it seems to me that all this talk of replacing high pressure fuel pumps ETC is mainly down to miss diagnosis, however the hdi's do suffer from low pressure pump failure "the one in the tank".

I myself run a Peugeot Expert 20 HDI E7 "same engine" which is basically a black cab; it's now done 350,000 miles on the same clutch, gearbox, alternator, starter motor etc. I have replaced the low pressure pump once, & I've also replaced the camshaft sensor, both of these caused intermittent starting problems poor running etc.

I could drive the cab all day, but once I switched it off it would not start, yet leave it for an hour or two and away it would go.

I do understand that the main dealers are rubbish, as this is also my experience. Basically find yourselves a GOOD garage that know these engines and you won't have too many large repair bills. These engines are bullet proof. 350000 miles is your proof.

6th Nov 2007, 09:53

I got Peugeot 306 SR gas injection and a bad problem with occasional rough revs/erratic. Sometimes seemed like fixed by disconnecting the battery (assume, the error is automatically cleared, although not sure), but coming back again. The revs sway from low to very high and back all the way. Experienced earlier problem with moisture in ECU affecting the locks, but fixed by sealing the antenna, hopefully. Will try the garage with a PC testing kit, yet would appreciate a hint on what's going on and ways to effectively fix the problem. The auto is pretty old- 1994 and long past 180K, but I just love it. This comes from Russia, the City of Kaluga and the Peugeot service is unavailable locally. Nevertheless, I managed to take a good care of the car so far. You can write directly to my email address: mds@kaluga.net Regards, your Russian fan of Peugeot.

7th Nov 2007, 09:17

I have owned my 306 HDI now for a week. It has a few slight problems with it. These being the down stroke on the automatic wipers, it doesn't go all the way down, but instead stops halfway through, and also the trip computer isn't connected up to the engine as this has been replaced. Any ideas on fixing these then please email me mattyfish16@hotmail.com.