7th Feb 2010, 06:05

Hi everyone. Well I thought I was doing the right thing by buying an HDi! I have ran for a number of years the trusty old 1.9TD's, which are so reliable. I do have a DTS, which is great, sporty looks with all the extras.

I thought I'd venture out and buy an HDi, moving onwards and upwards in the reg numbers.

Bad move. Bought a 99 HDi. Used it for two weeks, then went to start, guess what, was having none of it, engine management light is on. Before I throw hundreds of pounds at it, anyone got some idea as to what it could be?


12th Feb 2010, 06:40

Hi there.

I have a 2l HDi 306 on a Y reg.

My problem is when I floor the accelerator, the engine completely dies. When restarted, the engine light comes on. The car drives fine as long as you don't floor it. Can you help???

Email me dazpetrolhead@aol.com

Call me 07904497847

16th Jul 2010, 04:42

Hi, did anybody sort out the engine running on after being switched off?

22nd Jul 2010, 14:38

Engine running on after switching off is excessive fuel; the mixture is too rich!!

3rd Jun 2011, 12:25

Hi there, I have a 1999 306 HDI. The high pressure fuel pump has packed up. Does anyone have any idea how much these are to replace? Thank you.

8th Mar 2012, 08:19

I had exactly the same symptoms on my 306 HDI, and really didn't believe the comments I read about it being a duff wiper motor. However, I went to my local breaker and got a complete wiper mechanism for £20. The chap even slaved it in place to make sure it worked before I paid. Result? No juddering from the wipers now!

18th Oct 2012, 16:33

Mine is the same. Cam to crank I think it may be. Did you ever sort yours out?

22nd Oct 2012, 04:24

Hi, did you fix this problem? If so, how? I need help, mine is doing the same.

6th Nov 2014, 18:09

Under the bonnet passenger side bulkhead, there is a cut off switch with a red rubber on top. Push the top on, it should work.

3rd Dec 2015, 18:53

There is a cut out switch which is activated in an accident. It is a medium sized button which has to be pushed up to reactivate the fuel system, and if I remember, it is below the glove box on the passenger side. You will have to remove the trim first to gain access.