14th Nov 2007, 12:44

Well, after reading all these comments I'm pretty sure buying my Pug HDi (GTi rep) was a seriously bad idea!! I just love it though! Looks the part, goes like a petrol and handles like a kart!

Right then, 1st day I bought it, crankshaft pulley went, cost £50 getting new one from breakers.

THe next week, clutch completely goes big time, causing damage which needed welding doing, cost £500 in total. The next day my speedo stops working.

3rd week, breaks down 20 miles from home, it just died, low revs pulling out of a junction and it was like the keys were taken out of the ignition. Would not start. Mechanic was baffled, and I had an auto electrician give it a diagnostics test, my ECU was completely fried. Needed new unit, crank sensor and I apparently had a problem with my conrods, Altogether it came to £300.

4th week. Have problem with fuel (I think) drives well for up to an hour then it starts gasping for fuel at around 3000rpm, spluttering and stuttering, but holds OK below 3000rpm (any feedback on that very welcome!!!).

Speedo sometimes kicks in usually in 3rd gear, but when it does I feel a surge of power like an extra 15bhp (feedback on that also very welcome).

Also the car idles erratically on cold start up, but sorts itself out with a few revs.

It's done 85000 miles. I know I need to get rid of the piece of crap, but I'll just buy another because it's got no rivals. It's a hot hatch without the high fuel costs. I had a 205 GTi before the 306, and that was laced with problems. so... Peugeot make fast cars which go round corners in a sense that you don't need to slow down. But you just hope there's a garage round the corner to fix it.

17th Feb 2008, 10:46

Never buy a common rail diesel with a problem unless you know exactly what's up and have a firm quote to fix it.

Don't confuse a modern diesel engine with the primitive, ultra reliable diesels of old. They're now more technically complex than petrol engines, and more expensive to put right when they go wrong. Replacing a single fuel injector will cost what you'll pay for the car. If it's a fuel pump fault, you're looking at over a grand just for the part. Even then you can't just bolt them on - they need to be configured in the ECU by someone who knows how.

If he's selling it for £300, I suspect he knows what's up with it, and it's going to cost more than the £1,000 hit he's taking to put it right. Otherwise, why wouldn't he fix it himself and sell it as a working car for top whack?

19th Feb 2008, 12:53

After owning a phase 1 gti6 I sold it to purchase an HDI as I will need to commute further for work now. The gti6 never once let me down in the 1 1/2 years I owned it!

Then I bought the T-reg P/3 2.0 HDI.

Seemed great, 400 miles on just under 1/2 a tank, great looks, very smooth, but not at all fast (not expecting it to be).

THEN 1 week later I wen to start it and it only ticked over, nothing catching which brings nightmares of fuel pumps to mind. The recovery guy thought it was an immobilizer issue, but he was useless. So it's stuck at a garage, I have a 4 day wait and I'm not sure whether it's going to be £100 or £1000 to fix.

To say I'm gutted is an understatement.

29th Feb 2008, 13:51

I own a 99 on a V, p/3 306 HDI, for the person who said about an induction kit, this will not aid a diesel in any way, the diesel engine needs more fuel to produce more power.

The best thing to do is get it re-mapped at a cost of £200,but its well worth it!!!

17th Apr 2008, 05:47

Gents, It's nice to see this thread is still live. I have a 205Gti with similar problems to what's listed. I'm aware that the pugs have a similar fault throughout its range, specifically with the smaller 106, 205, 305, 206, and 306 range. Typically it's probably electrical. Any hows, my 205 dies at low revs, generally at a roundabout or junction, traffic lights, she has even passed out going round a corner. The revs can be even and smooth, but they can also be erratic. It seems to be at anytime when she decides to be in a mood, it doesn't have to be wet or damp. Using anything electrical in the car doesn't help the matter, i.e. Lights, heater, indicators - which can make it awfully hard to drive!

I've had the alternator tested, that's fine, the battery is new, the fuses are fine, I've had new leads, sparks, dizzy, I've had a new idle control valve - didn't help, I've even had a positive charge kit on - doesn't help either!

I love my little car, wouldn't sell or swap her, I use her every week - but not everyday. So I need to get it sorted. I know I've got to go and put it on the diagnostics - but from what I've been told they probably won't help.

Has anyone actually had this problem before and actually sorted it??!!!

As a quick note, the 205 isn't modified, it's the standard engine (1.6) and only has 92k - bearing in mind she's 18, she's great for her age!

Cheers all.


8th May 2008, 15:34

I have a peugeot 306 HDi 2000 and am currently experiencing huge difficulties with it. To start from the beginning, I sometimes found that it wouldn't start when I came to it at various points in the day. It went into the garage and the ECU showed nothing, although the AA thought it was a problem with the fuel pump. It would then randomly start.

Another resue by the AA when it wouldn't start showed that if the duel relay was tapped a couple of times, it would start and run perfectly fine. The verdict was that a new dual relay was needed. So, with it running OK I took it to an auto electrician who replaced the duel relay, along with the fuse board, which apparently was damaged as it had burnt due to the duel relay problem.

Once these had been replaced, the car started with a rev problem (not sure exactly what the problem is), which means it is now undrivable.

The main dealers found nothing and it's been to three different garages..it's currently with a nice fella who is scratching his head over it.

He has tested the fuel pump and rented an ECU to see if that's the issue but nothing significant has come from either effort.

I made the point that this problem didn't exist until the duel relay and the fuse board was fitted.. so maybe they're causing the problem??

I'm stumped..Help!

12th Jul 2008, 14:39

I bought a 99 V reg 306 HDI off my friend a few days ago for a very reasonable price. I know the history of the car, it's been well maintained, and going from a 95 M reg 306 standard diesel, there's a big difference considering it's similar.

The only thing since I bought it; I've noticed that when started up ,it idles at about 800-900 rpm, then as soon as you drive or accelerate, then pull to a stop, it intermittently revs and idles at 1200 rpm, then occasionally drops down, it's just been bugging me more than anything, any ideas?