2001 Peugeot 307 Rapier 2.0 HDI90 from UK and Ireland


A very economical, stylish and comfortable car that is let down by persistent niggles


Very heavy steering when turning right and as a result my steering rack was replaced at 6,000 miles.

Constant problems with the steering on the car.

The anti- roll bar needed adjustment at 8,000 miles.

My indicator stalk will not stay on when turning right and inadvertently flashes the main beam.

The boot needed to be realigned after 7,000 miles after it "lifted" on one side.

Very poor fuel economy up to 8,000 miles, but this has now significantly improved.

General Comments:

I find this car extremely comfortable to drive and find the layout to be extremely practical.

It needs a little more work in first gear, but it drives very well once it is slipped into second gear and above.

The car is surprisingly quiet for a diesel.

My 307 has now developed another strange steering fault. It is extremely light when starting the engine from cold, but after 10- 15 minutes, the steering seems to go much heavier.

Has anyone had similar problems with the steering, especially on the 2.0 HDi 90 model?

Fantastic dealer service- incidentally, not from where I purchased the vehicle.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2003

19th May 2003, 09:57

What sort of steering problems have you had?

I have a 3 week old 307 petrol and have steering wheel tremor (like wheels need balancing) at 70-75mph.

Had new drive shafts, wheels balanced, and steering rack dampener adjusted - which made the steering heavier - but still there.

Has your rack been over adjusted? Worth asking I suppose.

Do you get, or did you have the steering wheel tremor?

2001 Peugeot 307 Rapier 2.0 HDi from UK and Ireland


A disappointment


The front foot well carpets started to move out of place immediatly when new, moving away from the retainers on the sills.

The rear door finisher strips both moved from their original place on the doors and caught as the front doors were opened, breaking them off.

Total electrical failure on several occasions usually when driving at speed.

A knocking noise from the front suspension which can't be traced, been there for over 20,000 miles now

It has an intermittent fault on the boot switch, sometimes it won't open.

Starter stuck in engagement, causing lots of smoke and burning smell.

General Comments:

The car handles well and is quite economical. It is spacious and suits our needs well, however it was bought as we needed a reliable car to get to work, my previous car never had a fault in 3 years.

The dealer service is mediocre, but adequate. Prices are reasonable, warranty work has been prompt to date. The HDi service schedule is a bit of a pain by modern standards, requiring a complimentary 6,000 mile intermediate service, entailing another trip to the dealers.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2003

2001 Peugeot 307 LX 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Cheap bits of metal stuck together with super glue


Indicator switch canceling too quickly.

Door trims fall off.

Drivers door will not unlock with remote control.

Drivers door leaking due to faulty membrane.

Radio loses stations.

CD player jumps tracks.

Recall for ignition.

Rear rattle.

Passenger door straps broke.

Inner door handle fascias fall off.

Badly worn clutch.

Badly fitted carpets.

Electrics fail intermittently.

Boot handle un-clips.

General Comments:

Very disappointed with this car.

Most of the problems are unresolved.

Peugeot have bought the car back off us this week with a loss for ourselves.

Anyone needs to seriously think twice about buying a 307.

It might look a nice car, but too many problems that cannot be rectified.

Bought a Saab 9-5 this week Hooray!!!

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Review Date: 9th February, 2003

16th Feb 2003, 12:41

Sounds like you have been very unlucky mate.

18th Apr 2003, 12:05

I own a 307xsi, and I'm very pleased with it. No such problems!!! A agree, you have been very unlucky with that car, and maybe not very kind with it...

3rd Aug 2003, 06:14

Engine rattle during warm up resulted in Peugeot supplying a new engine (under warranty).Problem first noticed at around 12000 miles. New engine fitted at 15000 miles...BEWARE...Other problems...suspension...clutch...trim...door seals... Should have bought a Honda Civic. First and last Peugeot.

15th Jan 2005, 04:33

I purchased a 307 1.6LX that was 8 months old from a main Peugeot Dealership. Since I purchased the car it has been returned 20 times due to a variety of issues including:

CD failure.

Gearbox Failure (still being resolved)

Carpet coming away in boot and interior.

Passenger door not opening.

Passenger door handle very stiff.

Noises from the front left suspension (5 times)

Leaking gearbox.

Damage from dealership whilst repairing x 2.

Door trim coming away.

Front wheel arch coming away x 3.

Leaking Head Gasket 3 times.

Oil gauge reading incorrect.

Indicator switch not cancelling.

Indicator replaced then snapped into two.

Indicator replaced and then signalled other way instead of cancelling.

These problems above are only, but a few of the many problems.

My car was very badly put together considering the low mileage on it and the problems that have surfaced.

I'm seeking to get rid of this car and purchase a replacement non-Peugeot.

I realise that out there somewhere there must be good Peugeot, but certainly not in my car there isn't.