2003 Peugeot 307 SW 2.0ltr petrol from UK and Ireland


A disapointing liability.


Interior trim falling off.

Rear door catch replaced.

Mileometer adding miles.

Rear wiring loom replaced.

Key blips failed, 4 times.

Blows fuse 11, 2 times.

Engine fails to start, 5 times.

Incorrect tinted windows fitted.

General Comments:

The glass roof is the main selling point of this car. It makes the cabin look large and airy. Driving position is comfortable and the seats offer good support. The 307 SW is beautiful to look at, which is just as well as I have spent many times waiting at the side of the road for the RAC.

Peugeot need to take a long hard look at the quality of the finished product as all the reported faults with this vehicle have lost them this future customer.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2004

24th Jul 2004, 12:09

I see a lot of complains for this car am wandering if these cars are assembled in GB... If so. Search for the common illness in british car make???

26th Jul 2004, 05:58

Actually all 307's are made in France not the UK.

7th Sep 2004, 05:13

I have just bought a 307 SW s, after reading these comments I am now regretting giving up my VERY reliable Vauxhall Astra...

2003 Peugeot 307 SW SE 2.0 HDI (90bhp) from UK and Ireland


Looks good, but lots of quirks


A/C not working, set to 22 on auto, but after 20~30 minutes would suddenly blow very cold. Turned out to interior sensor, but since it had done this from new I initially thought this was a design issue / software bug. A colleague has had one from new does exactly the same - sound like a bad batch of sensors?

Rear screen shatterered for no apparent reason at 70 on Motorway, could have been a stone, but I don't think so.

General Comments:

A nice car to drive, light and airy, sense of space, looks good.

Its clearly the glass roof which sell this model, road test it with the blind closed so not distracted by this and can focus on other issues.

90bhp engine is quiet 'flat' in mid range 50~70 compared to other diesels I've driven.

Lots of 'silly' design issues.

Wing mirrors a bit too small and positioned too close to driver, or not curved enough to give a good view.

To allow passenger access to the 3rd row of seats requires that the 2nd row are first moved to the most forward position and only then they can be released to tip forward - This should be a ONE step operation.

Default fan speed of A/c is set too high, causes a whistle from the vents which is audible at up to 40mph - knocking down fan one notch cures it - but then its not automatic is it?

When Auto Headlights come on in daytime it dims the 2 LED display panels such that they are unreadble - it must.

Auto wipers seem erratic never getting it quite right, the old fashioned simple delay timer would be just as good.

The rolling boot cover/blind cannot be installed if 3rd row of seat fitted. no effort to design new blind to suit, it is the standard 307 blind. And no way to stow it in car. (had same issue with previous 406 Family version)

Not very ecconomical for a diesel, computer records 39mpg (I'm not a boy racer. mostly motorway driving)

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2004

2003 Peugeot 307 GLX 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Good Value - Poor build and faults


"Squealing Brakes" not covered under warranty beyond 6 months, Indicator lever Broke, indicating randomly, replaced - New indicator assembly still not right. Horn works intermittently (as discovered while nearly being hit by a lorry). Suspension rattles unhealthily, under investigation at the moment. Recall due to the milometer.

General Comments:

Would be a nice car for the money if it weren't for the ridiculous faults that suggest not enough effort was put into the build of the car.

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2004

2nd Oct 2008, 17:48

My car is WONDERFUL, I've had it 1 month and so far, brakes pads and discs all round (twice,) and two weeks ago a new gearbox, and this week, yes another gearbox, the car has only covered 15000 miles from new.