2004 Peugeot 307 XT 1.6 petrol from South Africa


Only buy one if you're married to a mechanic!


Gear linkage broke at 89 000 km, five days after purchase.

Airbag fault at 96 000 kilometres.

Aircon stopped working at 98 000 kilometres.

Clutch, possibly flywheel, went at 99 000 kilometres.

Left rear taillight keeps on blowing out.

General Comments:

A beautiful, comfortable car with lots of space.

Drives well, handles well, brakes well.

Pity about all its problems, which makes one forget the luxury of the car.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2010

30th Nov 2010, 12:06

Don't buy one if you want to stay married to a mechanic.

4th Mar 2011, 09:08

Will not buy one again, its service is expensive, and it's only Peugeot mechanics who can repair any faults.

2004 Peugeot 307 SX 1.6 HDI 110bhp turbo diesel from UK and Ireland




At least four recalls so far, including suspension and ABS box.

Had to replace one engine mount as it perished. Another engine mount failed when 3 bolts sheared off and the entire engine dropped a few inches!!!

Engine runs hot - fan on for 10-15 minutes after a short drive.

About 60,000 miles, flywheel disintegrated & took out the clutch as well.

Antipollution warning appears & disappears randomly.

Eats lightbulbs!

Seals perished on brake cables so it freezes in gear in winter.

Air-con is dead - recharge & service compressor had no effect.

Indicator stalk has a mind of its own. So to the wipers. So does the radio - when starting, it will randomly choose a station or CD player.

Bearing & track-end went on front LHS.

Battery died & had to be replaced.

Now there is a smell of exhaust fumes coming from the vents!!!

General Comments:

Nice to drive.

Nice to look at.

Runs on a sniff of diesel.

Terrible to own - upkeep costs a small fortune.

Not sure if the French have a word for 'reliability', but Peugeot sure as hell don't know it.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2010

2004 Peugeot 307 S 1.6 HDi (110) turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Generally a hunk of crap - biggest mistake of my life


Passenger side electric window faulty, would not close. Took 3 visits to dealer to fix.

Digital oil level gauge on dashboard never worked (always read empty even if oil just filled). 2 visits to dealer couldn't fix - local garage found dip stick had broken.

Indicator stalk broken - won't stay on and cancels even if still driving in a straight line.

Front drivers side suspension collapsed 1 month outside of warranty - just over £600 to repair.

Kept coming out of 3rd gear. Would go into gear, but every time you accelerated, it would pop back out. Took it to dealer who had it for 4 days and said there was nothing wrong, although the gear box is now much tighter and it hasn't done it since!

Radio CD/Player sometime won't turn on. When it does it often won't eject your CD or just scrambles the CD when it tries to play it.

Rear passenger window moves down by itself. Every few days you have to wind it back up.

Carpet is constantly coming away around driver/passenger doors and boot.

Anti-Pollution fault warning has just come up. Quoted £600 to fix by dealer.

Little trim caps on external handles have come off 3 times. (Twice on one door and once on another).

Rear windscreen wiper activates a majority of the times you close the boot.

Height adjustable drivers seat is rubbish. As you raise it up it also tilts forward!

General Comments:

The engine is good. Although only 1.6 and 110bhp, it'll beat most Focus/Megane/Civics down the dual carriageway. Averaged 48mpg since new.

Front feels very spacious due to the massive windscreen, although the rear is a bit cramped.

A/C very effective.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2009

2004 Peugeot 307 2.0 from Luxembourg


Comfortable, reliable and good performance. More spacious than other compacts



General Comments:

Performance: More power than I need, good delivery, excellent brakes, good automatic transmission.

So far it's performed admirably. It's fast enough to get me anywhere, with good consumption.

How I use it? I use it for errands around the city, half of the year is icy around here. No problem starting up on cold days, and the ESP is incredibly handy.

Comfort: It's very comfortable, well thought of, and surprisingly roomy for a compact. I'm 183cm tall, and I have no issues with space. Good ergonomics. Default sound system's sound is not as good as the Volvo 850 premium I had before (again, that sounded like a concert hall, though).

Very versatile. Used for our family of three in multiple excursions, skiing trips, and it works well.

Reliability: Not too many miles on it yet, but nothing has gone wrong so far. And after 1.5y I should bring it to the maintenance shop for the first time soon.

My first Peugeot, probably not the last one.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2009