307 SW HDI 1.9 90 PS turbo diesel

Much better than I thought it would be

82 words, UK and Ireland

307 XS 1.6 petrol

It's the worst car ever

195 words, Lebanon

307 ST 1.4 petrol

It's not durable, and it's poor value for the money you spend

178 words, UK and Ireland

307 CC 2.0

Excellent. A thoroughly enjoyable experience

135 words, UK and Ireland

307 HDi 1.6 turbo diesel


306 words, Australia and New Zealand

307 Style Break 1.6 HDI

Uncomfortable and unimpressive, but economic

73 words, Slovenia


Nice drive if I get rid of the faults

86 words, Jamaica

307 XSE 2.0 petrol

Pleasant, reliable, roomy, very quiet mid-size hatch

109 words, Australia and New Zealand

307 HDI S 2.0

Very poor for a car 10 months old - not worth th hassle or risk

251 words, UK and Ireland, 4 comments

307 S 1.6 HDI 110

Very good so far

70 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments

307 CC 2.0 diesel

Fabulous to drive and to look at. Faults are annoying

94 words, UK and Ireland, 80 comments

307 307S HDI 1.6

New Peugeot 307 model great improvement on old one except for terrible windscreen wipers

184 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment

307 SW SE 136 Hdi

Expensive to buy, but great to drive

188 words, UK and Ireland

307 XSi 136HP turbo diesel

Wish I had never bothered with it

256 words, UK and Ireland, 11 comments

307 SE 1.6 16v HDi 90HP

Value for money, combining equipment, performance, economy and style, with one or two dodgy fittings

188 words, UK and Ireland

307 SW XSi 2.0 turbo diesel

Reliable, quick and practical

41 words, UK and Ireland, 3 comments

307 SW XSi 2.0 HDI

Very good car for me, and the tax-man doesn't get a lot!!!

76 words, UK and Ireland