22nd Mar 2004, 10:09

I had the same squeaking, rattling problem for a year. I finally got it fixed this week when they replaced the exhaust flange. Silent since.

13th Jul 2004, 14:28

My 307 Rapier 1.6 was purchased in December 2001, on the whole I have been pleased with it, but also experienced similar problems as listed here. An annoying squeak from the transmission usually in low gear, was fixed by the dealer fitting a modified exhaust mounting bracket under warranty. The clonking noise that appears to come from the suspension was reported to the dealer several times and in the end they fitted modified door striker plates also under warranty. This made little difference and I have now got used to it. I also think the indicator switch is the worst on any car I have driven, they often cancel themselves before I have taken the turn, but sometimes they stay on after the turn is complete. This is really annoying. One other thing that can happen is when you use full throttle the pedal gets stuck under the (Peugeot accessory) floor mat and I have to reach down to release it, before running into something. Performance, economy, and reliability are good.

9th Nov 2004, 13:14

My October 2002 registration Peugeot 1.4 HDI, has had a multitude of problems. The Window wipers are placed in such a position, that it must be designed for a left hand drive, which means when it rains the wipers do not clear the whole of the drivers side window (but they do on the passenger's side?!). When I picked up the car from it's (first) recall I noticed a hissing sound coming from, what sounded like the front tyre. When I returned it to the garage they said it was "in my head" and that there was no hissing sound. After taking it back several times asking different people to listen to it, they concluded that it needed a new alternator, but that I could still drive it as it was not serious... five months on, I am still waiting for the part to be delivered to the garage...

Meanwhile I have had the indicator arm replaced as my left indicator decided not to work at all!! I then took it in for it's 36,000 service and was told it needed a new wishbone on the suspension, which was not covered by the warranty as apparently Peugeot consider this to be "wear & tear" caused by today's trafficing problems. This resulted in a nice bill for just under £700 when other things where added (new brake pads, service, labour etc). And finally, I have only just returned from the garage tonight after being towed away by the AA on Friday night after the car just decided to stop altogether... apparently the engine sensor was faulty? which meant it did not know when to feed the engine it's Diesel!! Luckily, that was under warranty. I really do not feel that Peugeot is worth the extra that you pay - certainly not in my experience.

28th Jan 2005, 07:40

Here's a comment from Melbourne, Australia. June 2004 with much excitement I bought a Peugeot 307 1.6 lt, 5 speed. After only a couple of months 2 faults developed being a thud sound in the rear suspension and the engine not idling smoothly. The suspension has been rectified after 6 weeks in the dealers service center, however the engine still has not been fixed. The dealer has changed the engine mounts and played with the engine management system to no avail. Peugeot Australia now tell me that the engine always runs a bit rough and that it's a normal for this type of car. Still does not explain why they initially acknowledged that there was a problem and tried to fix the problem that they now tell me is normal. To add further insult in the whole warranty process, Peugeot Australia attempted to at one stage to blame Peugeot in France, I would assume that meant that I should be on the phone to Paris. Be warned all potential Peugeot buyers.

17th Mar 2005, 13:32

I have been interested in all the comments made. I recently purchased a Peugeot 307 1.4 LX (private sale). It's 3 years old (51 plate). Overall, it's a nice car and the performance is really good, but some electrical problems are very irritating:

*Horn no longer works (I can't road rage!)

*The headlights turn on intermittently, especially when using the indicators -this can be dangerous... what if another driver thought that I was flashing to let them out in front of me?! (Smashin'!)

*Central locking problem –when the remote ‘unlock’ button is pressed, the car locks itself straight after opening. When pressed again, the doors open OK apart from the driver’s door.

I've only had it for less than a month so I think I'll be driving to the nearest Peugeot dealer (with my lights flashing) to get these problems fixed!

Let's hope it's not too expensive...

19th Nov 2005, 04:22

I bought a brand new Peugeot 307 diesel XSI in 2004. Having had it for a year I noticed that it became increasingly difficult to turn the steering wheel which produced a very loud creaking, kind of like the front door of a haunted house. I took it into the Peugeot dealership and they said that it needed a brand new power steering pump. For a one year car to suffer a broken power steering pump I found it extremely worrying. As I have a three year warranty Peugeot fixed it with no trouble. I did ask whether my driving the car with a broken power steering pump would damage any other parts of the car. I was told no. I can't help, however, but wait anxiously for the next problem to arise. Fingers crossed (I've just found what looks like oil all over my engine, back to the dealer I go).

22nd Nov 2005, 10:05

I like your optimism, I've had two indicator wands fitted, a power steering pump, a new glove compartment handle and a plastic piece replaced that fell off the rear door handle. Today the ABS is on all the time and my warranty ran out in September. A £775 bill to get it through its first MOT. Don't think I'll get a peugot again.

25th Nov 2005, 18:32

I have a mid 2003 307HDI 2.0 Estate, and have done some 50k miles. I too have a troublesome indicator, except this one automatically indicates the opposite way once cancelled, resulting in some angry glares from other drivers. The fuel tank has been replaced after experiencing a major diesel leak at the motorway services and the windscreen wipers seem to have a mind of their own. The worst thing of all is the position of the drivers seat, if you do a lot of motorway driving. Since owning the car my back/left hip have been really painful.

On the positive side it does go quite well when you wind it up on the motorway and fuel consumption is reasonable.

Score: 6/10.

20th Apr 2007, 02:23

I have a 2003 110 HDi Rapier, multitude of problems including alternator, turbo solenoid and the latest is that the diesel additive is low at 36000 miles apparently it was caused by a faulty fuel filler cap sensor. The dealership say that the sensor has caused the additive to be added all the time. Still showing the fault on the display. Would not recommend this car to anyone.