16th Feb 2009, 12:49

I am an owner of a Peugeot 307 2.0 LX HDI 2001,

Faults so far...

1. Indicator stalk does not correct itself... I have been told it will cost me £300 to correct this.

2. Horn has stopped working... I have been quoted anything from £50-£200.

3. This car is supposed to be a 110bhp, but runs no better than a 90bhp and won't accelerate and to be honest really does run like a bag of c***p!

4. If cold it will take at least 3 attempts to start in the morning! It coughs and sputters on driving... accelerate and decelerate (all filters have been changed)

5. Bad knocking sounds coming from mainly the right when turning right, but often on the left too...? Suspension, bushes, anti-roll... who knows!!

There are plenty more faults, too many to list really... so if you're thinking about buying one, I really wouldn't!

25th Feb 2009, 13:23

I have owned a 52 plate 2.0 HDi 110 BHP 307 for 2 years. It has 77k miles on the clock. So far it has cost me nearly £3000 in maintenance.

The turbo seized, the steering rack has been replaced, the coil springs on both front sides have snapped, the suspension down links have been replaced twice, the alternator belt tensioner has broken twice, the FAP filter has been replaced and the Diesel Additive tank filled twice costing £160 each time.

The paint is coming off the spoiler at the back and there are lots of stone chip marks on the bonnet. The wheel arch linings don't fit properly and the steering makes odd noises when you turn the wheel.

The CD multichanger only has 3 working slots left and the air control dial is breaking.

I have had to replace the battery twice and the alternator is apparently on its way out.

A Peugeot dealer service totaled £700 and they lost my servicing record.

The car starts to lose power at the same point on the motorway every morning, apparently due to the ECU and warning lights remind me about the Anti-Pollution Fault and Diesel Additive minimum level every day.

I had previously owned Peugeot 205, 306 and 309's, but this dog of a car will be my last Peugeot!!!

1st Apr 2009, 10:07

I have a Peugeot 307, and have had nothing but problems with it since I bought it 4 years ago, and the money I have spent is a joke.

Every MOT it has to have anti roll bar replaced.

I have had 2 new exhausts fitted in the last 3 years.

The horn never works unless I bang on it really hard, and I only do that when Mot is due as it will be yet another bill.

I had to have the indicator switched replaced, costing £300.

The heating doesn't work, and for it to be fixed will be a cost of £600 to £700.

The back wipers have a mind of their own.

This is the only car I have ever had trouble with, and the cost to keep it on the road is joke.


13th May 2009, 06:26

Does any one know why the rear wiper on my 307 might slowly sweep when the ignition is off & the car is locked?

It is driving me insane.

31st Aug 2009, 16:34

On another note, I have a 307 2 ltr HDi estate on a 54 plate, I have had this car 18 months. When I got it, it had 118000 on the clock and now has 131000, and I am happy to say that I have had no problems, and it starts first time; no knocks, squeaks or smoke. I may be just lucky or it may all go wrong tomorrow! But I am happy with my pug.

7th Dec 2009, 16:37

I've had a 307 1.6 Rapier for nearly six years, it's the worst car I've ever had, it costs me so much to run I've nothing left to buy something else.

For the first week I hardly had a peep out of it, but that was because the horn had packed in.

The engine management light has been on for years, but emissions OK at MOT, dealer wants to sell me a sensor plus a CAT as the sensors usually seize in place sir.. aye right.

Despite getting regular services, I've replace nearly everything; indicator stalks (not correcting), ABS sensors, the warning lights back on again now actually, but that's good because the grinding ABS judder stops when the system has shut down!!!

It eats anti roll bar bushes and suspension parts in general, doesn't like its wheel bearings, it hates its exhaust system, which is blowing at a crack in the manifold as well as the silencer.

New radiator, self opening glove box hatch (despite being modified twice) - it's now held firmly shut with a 3 inch screw, the front & rear washers just stopped working, not the fuse (pump not operating) as it knows winter is round the corner, yep the heater blower has packed in too. I've heard that's expensive!!!!

Pulling the the seats forward to get into the back(3 door) takes someone with huge arms and an aggressive nature, as the catch is impossible to move.

The last MOT cost me £420 and that was at a garage run by a friend, can't imagine what a dealer would charge!!

Never.. ever buy one of these, it's got 112,000, but my old Escort did nearly twice that with hardly a peep.

I could go on, but I'm running out of page. I'm sure this must be familiar to many 307 drivers; clutch plate went, leaky slave cylinder, leaky brake caliper. Seized caliper, pity because it's really a roomy car and nice to drive when it's going and you keep the radio up loud to hide the drive shaft and exhaust noises.

The engine only let me down once (ignition coil unit), it's just that the overall build quality is poor.

Oh yes drive shaft and a hub (ABS fault again), would anyone like to buy it???

Throttle cable outer snapped under bonnet, bulbs bulbs bulbs aaaaarrrrgh. I feel better now, thank you Peugeot.

25th Apr 2010, 19:16

I had a 307 Rapier 2.0. It ran perfect, had 80.000 on the clock.

Had it a year, not one problem, then some woman drives into me, writes it off, so I thought well I was happy with it, so got another one, same engine.

Had it 4 months, it's had a new wheel bearing, 2 track rod ends, and it's gone through about 10 headlight bulbs; don't know why.

The door is loose on the hinges; really should get it fixed.

The alternator needed to be replaced.

The aerial needed to be replaced.

The electrical windows; sometimes when you push the button to go up, it goes half up, then down, and it's very slow at going up.

There is also a knocking sound when you go round corners.

They are good cars to drive, but I don't think I would buy another one, or if I could go back to when I wrote one off, I wouldn't buy another one, knowing what I know.

29th Jun 2010, 03:03

I thought I'd buy a newer car. Ha, I wish I stayed with my Astra.

My 52 reg Peugeot 307 XSi. I paid £2900.

Top suspension bush part broken. Changed them both, still knocking every time I turn the wheel.

The ESP light is on and off. I put my foot down and the ESP light flashes quickly, but goes off. What is ESP, and what will it do if it stays on?

I'm sick, what car can you say is reliable and easy maintenance? I have not had the car long. I say it's not worth anything. It feels like everything is going to break.

It looks great, and did drive well until the knocking ESP light.

I'm not spending any more money or it will end up like my old Fiat Punto; new parts, still knackered LOL. I don't like wasting money.

Thanks for reading, and do your homework about Peugeot.

29th Jun 2010, 03:25

ESP activates only when you are driving beyond the capabilities of the car and its tyres.

The icon flashes to warn you that the Electronic Stability Program has been activated to avoid loss of control, thus allowing you to modify your driving. Take it easier and it won't happen.

In this circumstance, this is normal and indicates that you are losing grip; from what you are saying it sounds like you are thrashing it from a standstill, and the ESP is kicking in to restore traction to your front wheels by dropping the power or activating the ABS on the slipping wheel.

Best to read the handbook, or check for lit ESP/MSR/TC/ABS icons on first turning the keys before they go out, before driving any car and assess what safety systems are available to you and how they work then adjust your driving style to match; you would brake a non-ABS braked car in a different manner to an ABS equipped car on a swerve/avoidance manoeuvre for example.

20th Jul 2010, 14:30

I'm not hitting the hammer. It does it when I'm driving normally. I've been to a garage, and he said the knocking is something, but doesn't know what, and then he said I was fussy and that I should just get on with it. The 2nd garage said that as well.

Thanks for replying. I sold it now. I will not miss that in a hurry.

10th Dec 2010, 03:33

The worse car I've ever had! Same indicator problem, with it not correcting. The boot lock mechanism has broken twice, the lock cover fell off, Peugeot replaced it and it fell off two weeks later! The headlight bulbs blow every couple of months, and about £10 each time to replace.

Don't even think about buy one; if you do, you can definitely have mine!